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In this post:
  1. Is there a role for ketosis in the management of pain conditions?
  2. How keto can help with neuroinflammation
  3. Vitamin D & CV19 outcomes
  4. Dr Michael Mosley & type 2 diabetes
  5. Change your brain by using these hacks to increase your dopamine

1. Ketogenic Diets and Pain

The ‚Äúladder‚ÄĚ of pharmacotherapy begins with the use of NSAIDs and then progresses from weak to strong opioids. These drugs play an important role in pain management, but they can cause a range of side effects, in addition to physical and psychological dependence, especially when used long term.

The work of Trinity College researchers has demonstrated that metabolic adaptations that occur with a ketogenic diet can influence pain signaling.

2. NeuroInflammation & Keto

Inflammation is a natural part of the immune response, but when it becomes chronic, it should be addressed to attenuate or reverse damage. Recognizing earlier signs of neuroinflammation (brain fog, anxiety, depression, headaches, mental fatigue) and acting as soon as possible may be crucial to dampening and, in some cases, reversing metabolic or neurological impairments associated with chronic inflammation.

Ketogenic strategies like low carbohydrate ketogenic diets or exogenous ketone supplementation are increasingly showing promising anti-inflammatory effects in both pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Dietary and supplement strategies are a safe and efficacious metabolic-based approaches to attenuating inflammation, making them an appealing neuroprotective strategy to promote optimal brain health, potentially treat brain injuries, and promote brain longevity.

3. Vitamin D & CV19 Outcomes

covid 19 with dr rhonda patrick
1. UK Biobank study found that those who took Vitamin D regularly (daily or weekly) were 34 percent less likely to develop CV19 compared to those who did not take vitamin D. This effect was exclusive to supplementation with vitamin D, not other supplements, suggesting a link to vitamin D specifically.

2. CV19 patients who had higher vitamin D levels were 20 times less likely to have a critical outcome versus a mild one, and 8 times less likely to have a severe outcome versus a mild one.

3. Among patients with CV19, 98.9 percent of those with vitamin D deficiency died; 88 percent of those with vitamin D insufficiency died; and just 4 percent of those with sufficiency died, even after adjusting for age, gender, and comorbidities.

4. Inside Dr Michael Mosley’s Personal Mission to Help Australians Beat Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Michael Mosley
Image source: The Guardian

"Australia has surprisingly high rates of obesity. You‚Äôre also big consumers of ultra-processed food ‚Ķ There are plenty of super healthy people [in Australia], but there are also plenty of super unhealthy people.‚ÄĚ And potentially 500,000 cases of type 2 diabetes are undiagnosed.

A growing body of evidence suggests Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed.
Read the Guardian article

5. Change Your BRAIN By Using These Hacks to Increase Your DOPAMINE

Huberman Lab Dopamine Masterclass
Dopamine is the catalyst pushing humanity forward, pushing our limitations and what is possible, but is all of that for the sake of pleasure and feeling good?

Dr. Huberman breaks down the eternal balance of pain and pleasure, arousal and relaxation and gives you the insight you need to start regulating your body’s dopamine release. If you thought dopamine was all about feeling good, Dr. Huberman is about to reveal why it’s more about what motivates you in the pursuit of something greater.

He explains how to achieve sustained increases in baseline dopamine, compounds that injure and protect dopamine neurons, including caffeine, from specific sources.

Dr. Huberman describes non-prescription supplements for increasing dopamine‚ÄĒboth their benefits and risks ‚ÄĒ and the synergy of pro-dopamine supplements with those that increase acetylcholine.

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