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KetoneAid KE1 Ketone Ester & Salt Blend

KE1 was developed for athletes looking to utilize a smaller dosage of ketone ester. KE1 is diluted and equivalent to two capfulls of KE4.

KE1 is being discontinued (no restocks once sold out)  by the new KETONE SHOTS.  A smoother taste and no Ketone Free Acid or Ketone Salts. It has only the best ketone - Ketone Ester - The King of Ketones.

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  • We love KE1 because it is formulated with 85% less salts on salt per gram basis of ketones. 100% All Natural and 100% Bioavailable D-BHB and Ketone Ester. Caffeine Free, Zero Carbs. 30 bottles per box. This formula is a "pleasant" ready to drink. Comes in 60ml bottles.¬† 5g of KetoneAid's BioBHB(tm) Ketones, similar to 10ml of KE4 per serve.

    • 50% D-Ketone Ester (2.5g)
    • 25% D-BHB Ketone Free Acid (1.25g)
    • 25% D-BHB Ketone Salt (1.25g)
      • Sodium 143mg
      • Postassium 143 mg
      • Magnesium 59mg
      • Calcium 39mg
      • (note this is 80% less total salt versus most ketone salts)

    Other ingredients: monk fruit, malic acid, citric acid, natural flavours, potassium sorbate. (no stevia, no taurine)

    Even if you don't like Ketone Salts (see Salts vs Esters video), that likely was due to the massive salt load. With KE1 expect no bloating, nor GI issues. 

    This product is, for the most part, for those can't take the strong taste of KE4 and a more convenient ready to drink bottle.  Some people get both.

    Select athletes may prefer this drink because of the extra salt. We have frequently advocated that athletes increase their salt consumption while using KE4, now with KE1, it includes the salt.

  • KetoneAid KE4 Ketone Esters KetoneAid KE1 Ketone Ester & Ketone Salt
    Per Bottle (Ketones) 30g of Ketones 5g of Ketones
    Main Active Ingredient D-beta-Hydroxybutyrate Ester D-beta-Hydroxybutyrate Ester, D Beta Hydroxybutyrate Free Acid D Beta Hydroxybutyrate Salt (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium) Same rise in Blood Ketone levels. About 1mm per 5 grams of ketones.
    Bioavailable 100% D form 100% D form
    Dilution 1 KE to 1 H20 1 KE to 12 H20 6x more diluted
    Taste Rough, must dilute and still harsh. Ready to drink. Not hard to drink.
    Sweetener Organic Stevia Monk Fruit
    Adjuncts L-Taurine 0.5g, Potassium 30mg None
    3rd Party Verified Yes Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brendan Gonano (Sydney, AU)

KetoneAid KE1 Ketone Ester & Salt Blend

Alex S (Sydney, AU)
A must have for me

I've been using Bulletproof activated charcoal since realising we were living in a water damaged building and I got CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome). Ever since, this particular charcoal, which I find works best out of several brands I've tried over the years, is my go to when exposed to mold while traveling or out at friends'. Taken away from foods and other supps, at bedtime, it ensures any histamine and mold is mopped up and gone the next day instead of being able to stick around and cause symptoms. Love it and recommend it to my community all the time.

Lee Toppin (Melbourne, AU)
Great Service

One of my items was leaking when delivered. They sent out a replacement straight away with no questions asked. Great Service ūüėĀ

Damien W. (Adelaide, AU)
Brilliant product

Brilliant product

Simon M. (Brisbane, AU)
Love this product. Big fan

Love this product. Big fan of ketone esters but they can be expensive. This is a great single serve alternative for when you want to bump up your ketone levels. I take one of these and feel the energy about 45 minutes later. Really good for working out on an empty stomach. Stacks well with black coffee.