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Vegan Omega-3 Softgels 500mg DHA 300mg EPA Non-Fish

Great product! Being a vegan product it ensures I am getting my essential non animal omega which helps me with keeping my mind sharp and reducing inflammation in my system. I am a firm believer in products that help maintain a sustainable lifestyle for our and future generations. Great work Optimoz

Best decaf ever!

I was a little embarrassed to be a decaf drinker. I do so as to avoid mould/mycotoxins.
This coffee tastes so good, I am proud to offer it to everyone without hesitation

Bioptimizers Sleep Breakthrough
Isaac Jansan (Brisbane, AU)

Early stages, but sleeping longer and deeper after a week. Very happy.

Worth the hype

I’ve tried many brands of magnesium and am truly relieved to find the bio optimizers Breakthrough…I sleep through the night and leg cramps are a thing of the past . Highly recommend this .

The Original Bulletproof Coffee Beans - 340g
Clive Fiebig (Adelaide, AU)
Smooth process

Easy process to order and timely and quick delivery

BodyHealth PerfectAmino Protein Bar
kylee bott (Sydney, AU)
Body Health Amino Acids

We use both the tablets and chocolate bars and we definitely feel the difference in our recovery.
The bars are delicious.

Brain Power

It’s like my brain was supercharged!
I had clarity and motivation that I hadn’t experienced in years. I hope this doesn’t fade over time!

Heartmath Inner Balance™ Coherence Plus
antonina zamorski (Brisbane, AU)
Excellent product

I really like this product.
It's helped me understand my self better and where I am at with my stress levels and how I respond to vagus nerve treatment.
Thankyou so much for supplying this product.

Great Products. Great Service.

I love that Optimoz carries the latest supplements and lifestyle support products from trusted brands around the globe. Ordering and delivery is always a breeze. A great partner to have on your health and longevity journey.

BIOptimizers P3-OM
Nicholas Collins (Melbourne, AU)
Awesome product

Great service and great product.

Bulletproof COQ10 Energy
Jamie Brook (Denpasar, ID)
Amazing results

I have been using Bulletproofs COQ10 as a replacement for there liquid gold called Unfair Advantage (no longer avaliable) and couldnt be happoer with the results. Optimoz was very quick to get the order out to me and I couldnt be happier.

BIOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough - 60 capsules
Veronica Hernandez (Melbourne, AU)
Great product and Service

It was so easy ordering, and the product is excellent and recommended by knowledgeable doctors.
Very pleased. Will by again and again.


This tastes really nice. It’s pretty sweet so I had to have it with more than the recommended 6 oz of water. Am feeling better for having it every day

Great snack

Great snack to keep you going between meals

Best ever

I've tried many other brands before but found that this tumeric and in this combination is the best

BIOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough

Best magnesium supplements around!


I was really happy with the speed that I received my products. The goods were packed well and arrived undamaged. Many thanks.

Love this product! Have it everyday with my coffee.

Adding to the flavour profile.

My first time trying Pepe Saya Ghee or any ghee for that matter and I have to say the flavour is really unique. Every time I open it I have to smell and taste a little to remind myself what it tastes like. I’m try to ditch inflammatory oils and this has been a great alternative for oil with a higher smoke point.
Will buy again.

Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C
Faye Clark (Sydney, AU)
Excellent delivery

Delivery and service was satisfying to me, no hassle at all

Chronic Insomnia

I have long-term Chronic Insomnia from Trauma. I’m taking Magnesium Breakthrough on top of my prescription sleeping tablets and think I’m starting to see a little improvement. Optimoz staff are great to deal with and I love the specials.

BIOptimizers MassZymes
Alvi Gonzalez (Sydney, AU)
Best Digestive Enzymes in the market!

As a Health Coach with over 19 years experience, I'm always seeking the best quality supplements for myself and my clients. This is definitely a keeper!

Cymbiotika ZINC Complex
Bianca Peel (Perth, AU)

Great formulation I take them at night no nausea as with other zinc tablets

As Advertised!

I have an autoimmune disorder and the drs are of no help. I've been conducting my own research into my symptoms and have found that the higher fat and as close to zero carb way of eating is the best for me.

This product has helped with clearing the brain fog I once had giving me clarity of mind.

My body is starting to have energy again.

It also helps to keep hunger at bay helping with intermittent fasting.

I use this mixed with hot water and butter for Bulletproof Water 😆 along with a scoop of Grass Fed Collagen powder.

I'm really impressed with this particular product and it plays an integral role in my healing journey.

Thanks for reading. 🙂