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Bulletproof XCT™ and Brain Octane Oils are available in 473ml and 960ml bottles.
Brain Octane Capsules and Single Serve Oil Sachets now available. Great for easy transport.

Medium Chain Triglycerides are a rapidly absorbed source of energy that boost immunity and nutrient absorption. Our customer reviews tell us that Bulletproof® Upgraded™ XCT (MCT) & Brain Octane Oil are regarded as the highest quality available in Australia. Tasteless and odourless, any meal or beverage can be enhanced with these quality saturated fats. Bulletproof MCT oils are made only from coconut oil. No palm oil is used. Both Brain Octane and XCT oils are tasteless and odourless.

Bulletproof XCT Oil contains both 8 (caprylic acid) and 10 (capric acid) carbon chain length triglycerides and is commonly used for metabolic effects like physical energy or increasing satiety. A tablespoon of MCT oil contains 6X the concentration of MCTs vs the same quantity of coconut oil.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil contains only the 8 chain length triglyceride and is used for enhanced cognition with some metabolic effects too.  It delivers 18X the concentration of C-8 MCTs vs the same quantity of coconut oil. The shorter chain length also offers faster absorption.

Some brands of MCT oils contain Lauric Acid (C-12) however, the body treats it more like a long chain triglyceride. This means you do not benefit from the infusion of ketones which is the main reason most people buy MCT oil. Other brands may also contain some C-6. This MCT can cause gastrointestinal distress, even at very low quantities. Bulletproof XCT contains only C-8 and C-10, while Brain Octane oil contains only C-8.

Available in: 473ml and 960ml BPA free bottles. Brain Octane capsules also available.