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Primal Collective

Primal C8 MCT Oil 1L

Primal Collective™ Clean 100% C8 MCT Oil. Odourless. Tasteless.

1000ml. 66 x 15ml servings. Our MCT Oil is a single medium chain fatty acid extracted only from coconut oil. No Palm Oil. No added ingredients whatsoever. A dose of 1 to 2 tablespoons is commonly used together with coffee, cacao or shakes for breakfast to support intermittent fasting,

Ingredients: 100% Caprylic Acid MCTs in a BPS, BPF and BPA free bottle.
Because MCTs are solvents, they can also leach material/plasticizers from their storage containers (e.g., phthalates) which can cause issues (endocrine disruptors) over time. This is why we have diligently selected a bottle that is not only BPA free, but also free of the substitutes (analogues) of bisphenol-A: BPS and BPF free.

Also available:  C8 MCT Powder

Which is better? A C8 MCT Oil or a mixed C8, C10 (and sometimes C12) MCT Oil?

Primal C8 MCT Oil  C8:C10:C12 Combo MCT Oils
Source Derived from coconut oil Derived from coconut or palm kernel oil.
Composition 100% C8 Caprylic acid. Blend of Caprylic acid (C8), Capric acid (C10), and Lauric acid (C12).
Digestion & Absorption Rapidly digested and absorbed. Slower digestion and absorption than pure C8.
Ketone Production Highest ketone production. Lower ketone production than pure C8. C12 is not ketogenic.
Energy Boost Quick and efficient energy boost. Sustained energy boost.
Taste & Odour Tasteless and odourless. Mild taste or odour.
Who Ideal for ketogenic diets and cognitive enhancement. Versatile for general wellness and energy support.
Cost More expensive due to higher concentration of C8. Less expensive due to inclusion of C10 and C12.
Benefits Enhances cognitive function and weight management. Offers antimicrobial properties and metabolic support.


C8 MCT Oil Benefits:

  • Higher Ketone Production: C8 MCT oil is more efficiently converted into ketones, offering superior support for ketosis and cognitive function.
  • Faster Energy Boost: Provides a quicker source of energy, making it ideal for immediate physical performance and mental clarity.
  • C8 MCT oil starts to work within 15 minutes.
  • Purity and Focus: Contains 100% caprylic acid, focusing on the most beneficial MCT for cognitive and metabolic health.
  • Minimal Effective dose.

Choose a  C8:C10:C12 Combo MCT Oil for:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Generally less expensive due to the inclusion of C10 and C12, offering a more affordable daily supplement option.
  • Balanced Benefits: Offers a broader range of benefits, including antimicrobial effects and a more sustained energy release.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wider range of dietary needs and wellness goals, providing a balanced mix of MCTs for general health.
Comparison of C8 MCT Oil vs a Combo MCT oil for keto effectiveness.

What's the Difference between MCT Oil and Coconut OIl?

Primal C8 MCT Oil 

Coconut Oil (source)

C8 Caprylic


Fatty acid profiles of virgin coconut oil. | Download Table

Coconut oil is made up of only 13% C8 and about 50% C12 (Lauric Acid) which is not an MCT.  It is a long chain fatty acid (LCT). Comparing MCTS to LCTS. MCTs are more effective for:

  • Metabolism: MCTs metabolise faster, enhancing protein metabolism and energy expenditure​​​​.
  • Weight Loss: MCTs lead to greater weight loss and reduced body fat compared to LCTs​​.
  • Energy Utilisation: MCTs increase thermogenesis more than LCTs.
  • Blood Lipids: MCTs improve serum lipid profiles without adversely affecting lipid levels​​​​.
  • Protein Sparing: MCTs in nutrition improve nitrogen retention and protein sparing​​​​.
  • Glucose Metabolism: MCTs positively affect insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism​​.
  • Fat Oxidation: MCT ingestion enhances postprandial (post meal) fat degradation and increases fat oxidation​​.
  • Satiety: MCTs can provide a feeling of fullness, reducing appetite and cravings.

Directions for use
Use up to a tablespoon of this tasteless and odourless oil in your morning coffee. (New users: start with 1 teaspoon).

Coffee - Blend 1 tablespoon of this MCT oil with Primal Collective grass fed ghee and optionally, collagen, shilajit and cacao.

Smoothies - Blend 1 tablespoon

Dressings - Liquid even at low temperatures, our MCT oil can be used in any dressing or marinade


Is this the same as Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil?  The technical specification is the same. This is also a pure caprylic acid (C8) MCT Oil.  It is made by Primal Collective, an Australian company. The price difference reflects this, since Bulletproof, A USA import, attracts additional costs.


Manufacturer: Primal Collective Pty Ltd made this using ingredients sourced from the Philippines. A portion of all profits are donated to an Orangutan refuge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jo (Brisbane, AU)
Beautiful clean product

Light, clear and flavourless product that is perfect to put in our morning coffee. Don’t even know it’s in there!

mary-jane eves (Melbourne, AU)
Primal C8 MCT OIL

Love this product. I use it in my morning bulletproof coffee and again in the evening with my bedtime caffeine free latte. I notice a huge difference with my vestibular migraines when I miss taking it.

Diane Dewing (Perth, AU)

This product is amazing. A psychiatrist put me on to it to help with ADHD symptoms. It helps brain fog and allows me to be more focussed. I add it to my first morning coffee, also adding cream with 65% fat, and this makes it a bulletproof coffee which takes me to lunch time and beyond. I love this product. I'll never stop using it. Primal make great products

DF (Sydney, AU)
Easy opening and no leaking

I bought Primal MCT oil for the first time. Usually I buy Bulletproof brand. It has an easy opening, no leaking and at the same time see through bottle and price is more attractive

Paul (Sydney, AU)
Great product

I use this in my black coffee every morning. Great to get some extra ketones and it won’t break a fast!