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BiOptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian

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Leaky Gut Guardian® is a powerful combination of IgYmax and synbiotics (probiotics and prebiotics).

It is synergistically designed to weed out bad bacteria and reseed the good ones, as well as repair the gut lining.

  • Vanilla flavour: Vegetarian, Gluten Free , Dairy Free, Contains Egg

    Carnivore Chocolate flavour: Gluten Free, Dairy Free , Contains bovine collagen and bone broth


    • Promotes overall GI health
    • Reduces intestinal permeability
    • Eliminates bloating & gas
    • Promotes healthy immune response
    • Reduces gut inflammation
    • Increases nutrient absorption
    • Raises your energy levels


  • A “Deathbed Story” That Changed The Way We Think About Immunity Forever...

    Well, most people don’t realize this... but there are TWO theories out there about germs and immunity, NOT just one.

    The first theory says that germs cause infections—but that doesn’t tell the whole story...

    The second theory says, “Yes, germs can attack us”—and that’s not good...

    But it’s ONLY really dangerous for those with an immune system that is weakened by unhealthy gut terrain...

    This is why, on his deathbed, Louis Pasteur supposedly told a fellow researcher:

    “Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything).

    “Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything).

    Why Most Approaches To Building Immunity Fall Painfully Short

    The second theory of immunity—which Pasteur admitted was more true—explains how two people can be exposed to EXACTLY the same pathogen...

    And yet ONLY ONE actually gets sick...

    The difference is usually that the person who stays well has stronger gut health and immunity...

    It’s why I’ve literally not gotten the flu, or any other sickness, in 20+ years...

    This is despite frequently traveling to India... Southeast Asia (including long trips in Bali and Thailand)... Latin American countries like Mexico... and many more...

    That’s pretty much unheard of...

    Because I discovered a way to fix the “holes” in my leaky gut using 3 simple nutrients...

    Let me walk you through them, one-by-one so you can heal your gut and upgrade your immunity...

    An IMMUNOGLOBULIN Found In Your Fridge

    Forgive me for getting nerdy for a second... but this is essential to sealing any holes in your gut.

    Immunoglobulins are a class of proteins which are formed by your immune system in reaction to certain foreign substances.

    They are quite frankly some of the most powerful nutrients in existence.

    Your body is specifically designed to recognise and USE immunoglobulins to help in the fight against pathogens.

    But here’s the REALLY amazing part...

    Specific immunoglobulins found in eggs have superpowers—especially when it comes to your gut.

    In fact, one study conducted on an egg-based immunoglobulin—called IgY—found mind-blowing results:

    Initially, the majority of subjects reported “a decrease in gas and bloating” and “felt more energy”...

    Yet the most incredible result of all was the 95% decline in the occurrence of something called Zonulin—which shows up when there is excess intestinal permeability (holes in the gut lining)...

    That means you...

    Take This Nutrient, And Up To 95% Of The “Holes” In Your Gut Get Sealed...

    Truly amazing.

    Plus, subjects saw a 290% decline in gut inflammation—which speaks to how this rare compound delivers further benefits to your immune system, digestion, and more.

    Now, you *could* definitely get more of this nutrient by eating more egg yolks—but there’s a problem...

    These egg-based immunoglobulins are very sensitive to heat — so cooking up some delicious eggs isn’t that helpful...

    Plus, to get enough of these immunoglobulins to actually repair gut lining and for them to pass through your entire gastric environment, with all of the acids it produces...

    These immunoglobulins need to be attached to special sugars so they can reach your gut lining fully intact.

    More on this in a moment...

    Rare “Repairing”Probiotic Strains

    Once the lining in your gut is no longer excessively “permeable” (riddled with holes)... you’re ready for the next step.

    Years and years of gut issues have left most people with a very toxic imbalance of bad microbes relative to the good guys.

    And in this altered environment, where food tends to rot and putrefy more, the problem tends to get worse with time...

    Luckily, in my work with thousands of clients and follow-up research with our team...

    We uncovered the EXACT probiotic strains needed to kickstart this repopulation process...

    This way, your gut lining is filled with all the good bacteria needed to help you build super immunity...

    This includes:


    — which is a probiotic bacteria native to your gut, but hard to find in food sources... and not common in other probiotic supplements.

    The early research on Lactobacillus Rhamnosus is pretty incredible:

    • In one study, orally administered Lactobacillus rhamnosus modulates the respiratory immune response triggered by the pathogens...
    • A study by doctors in Finland found that it directly helps activate immune response in the gut...
    • Another study found that Lactobacillus rhamnosus is critical for rebuilding damaged gut health...


    — a probiotic that helps the body by suppressing harmful bacteria, which, in turn, enhances immune function and aids in digestion.

    This is another essential strain for rebuilding your gut-immunity connection and early research is beyond impressive:

    • In a study published in the Academic Press Journal, the researchers found that Lactobacillus gasseri potentiates immune response against infection.
    • Initial animal studies have found that Lactobacillus gasseri inhibits tissue inflammation and intestinal permeability —making it powerful in the gut-rebuilding process.
    • And when scientists in Korea studied this strain, they found that it reduced inches around the waist and hips in human subjects.


    — a type of lactic acid bacteria, naturally found in the gut, shown to enhance protection against pathogens and modulate immune responses.

    This is the third and final probiotic strain ESSENTIAL to the gut-rebuilding process:

    • A study published in the journal Nutrition found that Lactobacillus helveticus significantly improved immune response in elderly people...
    • Another study published in the Frontier Journal of Microbiology showed that Lactobacillus helveticus was able to induce immune response and exert a protective effect against Salmonella Typhimurium and E. coli...
    • And finally, a study published in the American Society for Microbiology showed how Lactobacillus helveticus works with a protein in your body to modulate and properly stimulate innate immunity...

    Feed The Good Guys StarvedThe Bad Guys With Powerful Prebiotics

    The last step is simply to add prebiotics—which are nutrients/fuel for your friendly bacteria—to accelerate the regrowth and rebuilding process.

    Unfortunately, not all prebiotics are created equally... so you need to be careful which ones you incorporate. Science says these are most effective:

    INULIN - a naturally occurring polysaccharide sugar produced by many types of plants, which cannot be absorbed as a carbohydrate, and instead feeds friendly bacteria in your gut.

    Inulin has some very impressive research behind it:

    • One study on inulin (and its fermentation metabolites) found that it boosted gut barrier and immune function of porcine intestinal epithelial cells...
    • A study published in the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition found that Inulin prebiotics directly helped modulate immunity function in humans...
    • And just like the probiotic strains we covered a moment ago, a study found that inulin can help with weight management and ectopic fat with subjects who have blood sugar issues...

    Now, there are even more prebiotics you could add to this mix—but this is a great start.

    Especially because this 1-2-3 combination goes beyond just restoring your gut-immunity connection.

    It helps activate ALL FOUR critical pathways necessary for “super immunity.”

    Why Settle For One Immunity PathwayWhen You Could ACTIVATE ALL 3?

    You’ve probably seen more “immunity solutions” in recent months—than all the other years of your life combined.

    Solutions like vitamin C... colloidal silver... elderberry... zinc... and many others.

    Nothing against any of these nutrients; they can be great to take.

    • FIRST, they do NOT address the ROOT CAUSE of weak immunity , which lies in your gut permeability and balance... AND...
    • And SECOND, they ONLY activate ONE of the major pathways to immune response...

    The three shortcut nutrient steps you’ve just discovered, on the other hand, activate all three pathways and thereby help build what I like to call “super immunity.”

    This includes:


    Studies have shown that healthy gut lining is teeming with good bacteria that form a stable community of protection.

    One role of these “protectors” is to resist and kill invading, non-native bacteria and other pathogens.


    A study published in the Journal Microbes found that a healthy gut, one that is not overly permeable and has the right balance of bacteria, helps maintain “immune homeostasis.”

    This means it helps you naturally regulate overall immune response throughout the entire body — something other solutions cannot do because they don’t directly address the gut-immunity connection.


    This last pathway is perhaps the most powerful, especially when it comes to foreign pathogens.

    Earlier, you learned that immunoglobulins are Y shaped molecules that play a direct role in defending against “bad guys.”

    Immunoglobulins are found in the openings through which outside organisms can enter your body, as well as blood and lymph fluids.

    That makes them the first line of defense against invading organisms like viruses and bacteria.

  • Directions:
    Add one level scoop of Leaky Gut Guardian® to 8 oz. of water. Take once a day on an empty stomach.
    Store in a cool and dry location.

    Keep out of reach of children. Consult with a healthcare professional if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult with a pediatrician before giving to children. As with any product, discontinue immediately if adverse effects occur. Please consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement, diet, or training program, or if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition.
  • Q: What are the Benefits of Leaky Gut Guardian®?
    A: Leaky Gut Guardian is a synergistic blend designed to improve your gut microbiome and heal your gut lining.

    IgYmax, a key component of LGG has been clinically shown to reduce the leaky gut marker Zonulin by 95%. Also, it improves the gut lining’s ability to break down histamine, which indicates reduced inflammation.

    Many bad bacteria in your gut won’t leave because they camp out in their “biofilms,” which protect themselves from antimicrobials and your immune cells. IgYmax can disrupt these bad biofilms, while the good bacteria strains in LGG are good biofilm builders. Together, both the IgYmax and good bacteria strains help reshape your gut biome and create more good biofilms.

    The prebiotics, collagen, and gelatin (for chocolate flavor) in LGG provide food for the good gut bacteria and nutrients that nourish the gut lining. The prebiotics improve the survival of good gut bacteria. Also, when the good bacteria ferment these nutrients, they provide beneficial and gut-healing substances such as butyrate.

    Health benefits of Leaky Gut Guardian may include:

    • Better balanced immune responses
    • Less gut inflammation
    • Better nutrient absorption
    • Reduced bloating and gas
    • Better digestion

    Some people may also find better energy levels, cognitive function, and results from their diet and workout programs. Because leaky gut manifests differently for everyone, individual responses vary.

    Q: When is the best time to take Leaky Gut Guardian®?
    A: Leaky Gut Guardian® can be taken on an empty stomach upon waking to enjoy optimal benefits.

    Q: What is the recommended dosage for Leaky Gut Guardian®?
    A: The recommended dosage for Leaky Gut Guardian® is one level scoop for one 8 oz. cup. Take once a day on an empty stomach.

    Q: Can children take Leaky Gut Guardian®? If so, what is the suggested dosage?
    A: Leaky Gut Guardian® is not recommended for children.

    Q: How should Leaky Gut Guardian® be stored?
    A: Store Leaky Gut Guardian® in a cool and dry location.

    Q: What is the shelf life for Leaky Gut Guardian®?
    A: The shelf life for Gut Guardian® is 2 years from the manufactured date, which can be found on the bottle.

    Q: Is it okay for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to take Leaky Gut Guardian®?
    A: Pregnant or breastfeeding mother should consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement, diet, or training program, or if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition.

Customer Reviews

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loula tolis (Adelaide CBD, AU)
Leaky gut

So far it’s been pretty good , taste great, would love to get some more , will try the chocolate.:)

Ashley H.
Leaky gut has fixed all

Leaky gut has fixed all my gut issues within the first week. I feel like I have hit a reset button and am back to normal after the past few months of suffering stomach issues of all kinds. The vanilla taste like cake!! Love having this daily

christine mcveigh (Perth, AU)
Even my Allergies have Calmed Down!

Five stars from me for Leaky Gut Guardian. My digestive system has never felt better, less bloating and cramps and even my allergies to cheese, chocolate, gluten etc have reduced significantly. Definitely ordering it again.

Jake H. (Sydney, AU)
I love this stuff. A

I love this stuff. A feeling that my digestive system is refreshed and invigorated follows my morning dose. I rate it highly. Five stars from me.