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What's the best exogenous ketone supplement?

We compare ketone esters, ketone salts and MCT oils. See the best option for your needs.

KetoneAid Ke4 is the fastest acting exogenous ketone supplement available.

it is the most efficient and cost-effective option to quickly attain and maintain a high performance or therapeutic blood ketone level. The chart above shows how it affects your blood ketone levels over time compared to C8 MCT Oil (the fastest acting MCT oil option).

To achieve a therapeutic blood ketone range of 2-4 mmol, you would have to consume:

  • 38g of Ketone Salts (that's heavy!)
  • 50ml of C8 MCT Oil (3 tablespoons, which can upset the stomach)
  • 20ml of KE4 Ketone Ester (1/3rd of a bottle)


C8 MCT Oil like Brain Octane Oil Or a C8 MCT Oil Powder (better if you have a sensitive stomach or prefer an easier and more versatile mixing powder) is best for people not on ketogenic diets who want to feel satiated and focused.

If you're already on a ketogenic diet and have raised ketone levels, then C8 mcts can provide you with another 1mmol boost.


What about BHB Salts?

A 38g dose of Ketone Salts (2 standard servings) can also offer a peak on par with Esters, although consuming this quantity of salts on a regular basis is a challenge due to palatability and the amount of sodium. Ketone Salts are the most cost effective way to get into a a therapeutic range of 2-4mmol.
KetoneAid Ke1 is a combination of Ketone Ester and Salts. It's a more economical and more palatable option compared to KE4, but without the same ketone elevation offered by the most effective Ketone Supplement: KetoneAid KE4.