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Primal Collective

C8 MCT Powder Coffee Creamer

Power your brain and body with Primal Collective MCT Oil Powder. A zero-sugar perfect keto coffee creamer or pre workout addition. Dissolves quickly. Odourless. Tasteless. 

300g | 30 x 10g servings . Extracted only from coconuts. No Palm Oil. No Sugar. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Soy Free. Vegan. 

Ingredients: 70% Caprylic Acid MCT , 30% Prebiotic Acacia Fibre.

Caprylic acid (octanoic acid, C8:0) is the main component of this powder. This is the most ketogenic part of coconut oil and it is the only MCT used to make this product. Other MCTS (C6 and C10) are commonly found in less-effective MCT Powders. 

C8 constitutes only 7% of coconut oil. This MCT powder delivers you 10x the C8 vs an equivalent serve on coconut oil. 

Acacia Gum is a well-tolerated soluble fibre from the stems and branches of Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal. It resists digestion in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Upon reaching the large intestine it can induce an increase in the probiotic Bifidobacterium species. [1] [2]

Directions for use
For a satiating keto start to the day: Mix one tablespoon with coffee or any other beverage. It's a tasteless and odourless powder. For best results, combine use with a 16h carbohydrate-free intermittent fasting window.


Manufacturer: Primal Collective Pty Ltd made this using ingredients sourced from the Philippines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ali Thornton (Melbourne, AU)
Good service

Quick and reliable service

P.M. (Sydney, AU)
This is awesome with my Bulletproof coffee!

I love starting the day with a with C8 MCT Powered Coffee Creamer in my Bulletproof coffee! It mixes in easily and is a great way to add C8 MCT to your body.

Larry Blackberry (Launceston, AU)
C8 MCT Powder Coffee

A great addition to coffee to get off the milk and a good kick start to the day for the brain.

Yanna Polo (Sydney, AU)
Nice Product

Powder is awesome, doubles up as a creamer, goes into liquid quite nicely with no taste. As a SAHM and homeschooling with 3little ones, it gives me a nice boost in the morning to help me last till the evening. I use it with a red berry powder mix for a synergetic blend to stimulate ketosis.

Dale (Brisbane, AU)
Quality product

Big fan of the C8 powder, easy to use, froths up nicely! Great ingredients!