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Primal Collective

C8 MCT Powder Coffee / Matcha / Cacao Creamer

C8 is The most effective MCT Powder for rapid ketosis and an energy boost. Paired with SCFA promoting acacia fibre. 

Our pure C8 MCT Powder is the perfect plain functional creamer for ketogenic enthusiasts, fitness aficionados, and individuals seeking an energy boost or cognitive support. Start the day with 1 tablespoon of MCT powder added to your coffee, cacao, matcha or shakes for breakfast and support intermittent fasting. Use it for baking

Dissolves quickly. Odourless. Tasteless.

Only 2 pure ingredients: 70% C8 MCTs and 30% Acacia Fibre.

300g | 30 x 10g servings . Extracted only from coconuts. No Palm Oil. No Sugar. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Soy Free. Vegan.


Five tips to enhance the ketogenic effects of MCTs and minimise potential side effects:

  1. Starting dosage of either 5g of octanoic acid (C8) or a combination of C8 with decanoic or capric acid (C10) should be used.
  2. Be sure to choose a pure product without C6 or C12. Gradually increasing to 15-20 g of C8.  A powder rather than an oil can potentially mitigate gastro side effects.
  3. Consume MCTs after fasting overnight or alongside a low-carbohydrate meal if possible rather than with a full meal.
  4. Incorporating caffeine may have a minor impact on boosting ketones.
  5. Consume a powder form to further mitigate risk of gastrointestinal distress.

For more help choosing the best ketones for you, see the guide: What's the best ketone supplement?

Why choose a purely C8 MCT over a combination C8+C10 ?

Feature C8 MCT Oil Powder C8+C10 MCT Oil Powder
Absorption and Energy C8 is rapidly absorbed and converted into ketones, providing quick energy and mental clarity. It's efficient for fuel due to its shorter chain length C8+C10 combination offers a balanced energy release.
Digestive Tolerance High purity C8 might cause digestive discomfort for some individuals due to rapid absorption. Start with a small dose. Enjoy greater advantages over time. The combination of C8 and C10 can offer a more gentle impact on the digestive system, making it suitable for more people
Ketone Production C8 leads to higher ketone production for quick energy boosts and supports mental clarity. The mix provides efficient ketone production, with C10 adding additional antimicrobial and antifungal properties
Cost Pure C8 offers more effective ketone elevation but costs more. C8+C10 mix is more cost-effective
Health Benefits C8 has strong antibacterial properties, can reduce gut inflammation, and is a potent source of energy. C8+C10 offers a range of benefits including antifungal properties (especially from C10), potential immune system support.
Application C8 is ideal for those seeking quick mental and physical energy boosts. C8+C10 is versatile, suitable for general use.

Choose C8 for a faster Ketosis


Why Choose a Powder over an Oil?

Feature MCT Powder with Acacia Fiber MCT Oil
Convenience More portable, less messy. Potentially messy, harder to carry.
Digestive Tolerance Fewer digestive issues due to acacia fibre. May cause gastrointestinal distress.
Texture and Mixability Creamy texture, mixes well. Can separate, greasy texture.
Nutritional Value About 70% MCTs + non digestible fibre promoting SCFAs. 100% MCTs, pure fat.
Taste Sometimes flavored, generally neutral. Usually flavorless, some have coconut hint.
Price Cost-effective, considering benefits. More expensive per ml, pure MCTs.
Health Benefits Similar benefits, added gut health from fibre. Well-researched, extensive benefits.
Versatility Great for baking, mixes into dry goods or liquids. Best for liquid use, less versatile. Residues.




Caprylic acid (octanoic acid, C8:0) is the main component of this powder. This is the most ketogenic part of coconut oil and it is the only MCT used to make this product. Other MCTS (C6 and C10) are commonly found in less-effective MCT Powders. 

Acacia fibre (Gum Arabica) A prebiotic, is a well-tolerated soluble fibre from the stems and branches of Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal. It resists digestion in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Upon reaching the large intestine it is selectively fermented and can induce an increase in the probiotic Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species. [1] [2]. This results in SCFA production.  SCFAs have a role in improving gut barrier function, reduce inflammation and improved immune response.

Free from sweeteners and any excipients or fillers.

Directions for use
For a satiating keto start to the day: Mix one tablespoon with coffee or any other beverage. It's a tasteless and odourless powder. For best results, combine use with a 16h carbohydrate-free intermittent fasting window. Combining with coffee may provide a mild synergistic keto boost.


Manufacturer: Primal Collective Pty Ltd, an Australian company, made this using ingredients sourced from the Philippines. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Ric Woodroffe (Perth, AU)
creamy Coffie!

I love the way it tastes and how it makes me feel!

Stevi Newman (Adelaide, AU)
Great way to start the morning!

Great product, helps me feel very clear in the morning mixed with my coffee: tastes nice (very mild coconut type flavour), it can take a little while to blend into the coffee but it eventually does. Great way to begin the morning for your mind and your energy levels!

George K (Melbourne, AU)
Awesome product

Just what I needed for my morning black coffee.

Julianne Mureau (Toowoomba, AU)
C8 MCT Powder Coffee Creamer

I generally really like this product, especially in my coffee. With an extra boost to my morning, I feel I can achieve so much more then without it and I absolutely feel the difference in my clear head and clarity.
As I have ADHD/ADD traits, an interesting observation I found was, the focus and consistency I could hold for an extended period of time. Happy days for me ūüėĄ

Georgie (Canberra, AU)
So good!

I love this in my morning matcha :) It makes it so creamy and frothy! Highly recommend!