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Vitality IQ

VitalityIQ™ Sulforaphane with Sulfodyne® Broccoli Seed Extract & Sprout Powder

Sulforaphane is a potent plant extract from cruciferous vegetables. Harness its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to support your body's natural defences, promote healthy aging, and boost cellular health. 

Sulforaphane has 20 years of research leading to our understanding of its role in boosting the immune system, enhancing cognitive function, promoting detoxification, reducing joint pain and regulating blood glucose. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Each bottle of VitalityIQ Sulforaphane contains a one month supply of 60 capsules with: 220mg of highly bioavailable Sulfodyne® (stabilised sulforaphane) and 340mg of broccoli sprout powder. A minimum of 22mg of sulforaphane per 2 capsule serving. For comparison, you'd have to eat about 9 cups (836g) of broccoli to get the same amount.
See the lab test results verifying that this supplement contains the claimed 11mg per capsule (22mg per serving).

  • Choosing the Most Effective Form of Sulforaphane Supplement:
    There are various forms of sulforaphane supplements available in the market, and choosing the most effective one can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice: 

    1. Look for supplements that contain sulforaphane rather than glucoraphanin, as sulforaphane supplements have higher bioavailability.

    2. Choose supplements that use a standardized extract to ensure consistent dosage. Consider supplements that are formulated with broccoli seed or sprouts, as they are a natural source of sulforaphane and have been found to have higher bioavailability.

    3. Avoid supplements that contain fillers or additives, as they can affect the bioavailability and efficacy of the supplement.

    VitalityIQ Sulforaphae uses astabilised & bioactive sulforaphane for enhanced absorption, bioavailability and potency. Unlike other similar supplements, we provide real sulforaphane and not just precursors.  The problem with precursors is that they must first be converted into sulforaphane in the body. This isn't inherently bad, but it can be highly inefficient.

    Made with SULFODYNE®, the same active ingredient in Prostaphane®, the top sulforaphane supplement recommended by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. 

    Sulfodyne® is 70% bioavailable which is 2x more than other sulforaphane supplements.

    Sulforaphane is heat-sensitive. That's why we overpack each capsule with more than the stated 220mg. This helps mitigate loss over time. We also store our ingredients in a refrigerator.  

    Sulforaphane is a plant derived molecule with a higher bioavailability than other popular plant extract supplements like curcumin, quercetin, silymarin, and resveratrol. (source)

    VitalityIQ use stablised Sulforaphane. Other Sulforaphane Supplements on the market contain only precursors: Glucoraphinin and the enzyme Myrosinase. Here's why stabilised sulforaphane is better:

    When comparing supplement options, stabilised sulforaphane offers the most bioavailability:


    VitalityIQ™ Sulforaphane offers better value, both in terms of:

    1. A concentrated dose of stabilised sulforaphane

    2. A lower cost per dose vs other supplements with lower absorption rates.

Is this the same as Prostaphane®?
We work with manufacturer's of Prostaphane®. VitalityIQ Sulforaphane use their patented active ingredient Sulfodyne® at the same concentration, providing a minimum of 11mg per capsule.
Do I need to keep this refrigerated?
A cool and dry place is all that is necessary, but refrigeration can prolong potency.
What's the difference to SanBroc®, BroccoPhane® and BroccoRaphanin®
SanBroc® Broccoli Seed Extract 13% Glucoraphanin Plus Myrosinase Claims 60% conversion rate from glucoraphinin > sulforaphane Produced by Sanberb Bioscience Group in China.

BroccoPhane® is a broccoli sprout powder Standardized to 4000ppm Sulforaphane. This is 4mg/1000mg. Produced by Bioriginal in Europe.

BroccoRaphanin® provides a 10% concentration of glucoraphinin. No myrosinase is present. They have since made Activated BroccoRaphanin® available which claims to enable production of more than 7,500 PPM Sulforaphane when ingested. This is 7.5mg/1000mg. This suggests that if a capsule contained 200mg of the powder, you would get 1.5mg of sulforaphane per capsule.

Sulfodyne® is a Broccoli Seed Extract standardised to 5% stabilised sulforaphane. If a capsule contained 200mg of the powder, you would get 10mg of sulforaphane.

In summary, the first three ingredients described above all provide the sulforaphane precursors glucoraphin and myrosinase which means highly variable conversion to sulforaphane. Sulfodyne® is the only ingredient that provides bioactive sulforaphane. 

Why don't I just eat more broccoli sprouts to get sulforaphane benefits?

You probably should eat more cruciferous vegetables and there are many good reasons to eat broccoli sprouts. They're a great source of fibre.  The mature portion of broccoli contains 507-684 µg/g sulforaphane, while broccoli sprouts contain a concentration of Sulforaphane that is 10 times greater (1153 mg/100g).

Cooking or blanching broccoli at less than 100°C can increase its effectiveness by releasing the myrosinase enzyme. However, if this enzyme is destroyed during processing or overheating, then the sulforaphane benefit is mostly lost. However, steaming between 1 and 3 minutes can increase sulforaphane yield. (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22471240/)

Everyone has myrosinase producing bacteria in their gut. 100g of Broccoli yields Glucoraphinin: 4mg to 150mg, which in turns, yields: 0.5mg to 18mg of sulforaphane. A large range because all broccoli is different based on genetics, the way it is treated, stored and cooked. 100g of Broccoli Sprouts yields 5mg and 60mg of sulforaphane. Cooking destroys myrosinase. Also, there is person-to-person variation in gut myrosinase. So there's a lot of variation between broccoli and also the amount of myrosinase in both broccoli and broccoli sprouts.


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Karri Ward (Perth, AU)
Another great addition to their ranging!

I Love that I can purchase, Quality, Well Researched, Longevity products all in one place. This is another incredible product/tool to add to the Health & Longevity Lifestyle. Thank you Optimoz

Anna (Melbourne, AU)
Excellent product

Settled my digestion and post-needling rosacea cleared in three days.
Feeling clearer, brighter and more positive. Thank you!

Cath (Perth, AU)
High Quality

High quality product, ahead of the time being able to access this in Australia. Thanks OptimOz

Patrice Gusset (Brisbane, AU)

Very potent supplement. Still taking one a day but hoping to increase to two. Will report back on effects in a couple of months

Zoe N. (Perth, AU)

VitalityIQ™ Sulforaphane with Sulfodyne® Broccoli Seed Extract & Sprout Powder