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Vitality IQ

VitalityIQ™ Sulforaphane with Sulfodyne® Broccoli Seed Extract & Sprout Powder

Sulforaphane has been difficult to deliver in an enriched and stable form for purposes of direct human consumption.  Until now. Introducing:

VitalityIQ Sulforaphane with the key ingredient SULFODYNE®

Stabilised Sulforaphane Supplement with a patented extraction from broccoli seeds.

Harness antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detox properties to support your body's natural defences, promote healthy aging and boost cellular health.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

A lab verified (see test results)  minimum of 22mg of sulforaphane per 2 capsule serving.  Most Sulforaphane supplements contain no Sulforaphane at all. Only precursors.  

  • VitalityIQ Sulforaphane contains a broccoli seed extract using a patented extraction technique that enables the creation of the world's first stabilised sulforaphane that can be made available as a supplement. Pioneered in France. From the creators of Prostaphane.

    Each bottle of VitalityIQ Sulforaphane contains 60 capsules, with 11mg of sulforaphane each.

    If you take a Sulforaphane supplement, you're either getting:

    A) Just glucoraphanin [Most common, cheapest, least bioavailable, labelled as sulforaphane glucosinolate]

    B) Combination of glucoraphanin and myrosinase [improved bioavailability]

    Or very rarely, you can find:

    C) Stabilised Sulforaphane, especially from broccoli seed extract [pricey, most bioavailable, effective, predictable dose].

    Why Choose VitalityIQ Stabilised Sulforaphane?

    Predictable Health Benefits: Clinical studies point to a daily sulforaphane intake of 20mg to 60mg for optimal health benefits. Our supplement delivers this targeted dose reliably, something difficult to achieve with diet alone due to varying glucoraphanin levels in broccoli and individual differences in gut microbiome effectiveness.

    Convenience and Efficiency: Consuming the equivalent sulforaphane amount from broccoli or sprouts is not only impractical due to the large required servings but also variable due to cooking methods (steaming for less than 3 minutes is the only viable way to preserve myrosinase and therefore, most of the conversion potential to sulforaphane) and biological differences. Our supplement simplifies your health regimen, providing a consistent and high sulforaphane yield without the bulk or variability of food sources.

    Bypassing Dietary Limitations: Cooking destroys the myrosinase enzyme necessary for converting glucoraphanin to sulforaphane, relying solely on gut bacteria for this conversion. Our stabilized supplement circumvents this issue, ensuring efficient sulforaphane delivery regardless of dietary habits or gut health.

    Assured Quality and Potency: The uncertainty of glucoraphanin content in broccoli seeds or sprouts poses a challenge for those seeking to leverage sulforaphane's benefits through diet. Our supplement offers a lab-verified, high-potency alternative, guaranteeing you receive the health-promoting compounds you need without the uncertainty.

    How does one choose the best Sulforaphane Supplement?
    Sulforaphane can activate a comprehensive network of protective pathways in the body. There are various forms of sulforaphane supplements available in the market, but choosing the right one does not have to be confusing. Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice: 

    Aspect VitalityIQ Sulforaphane 


    Glucoraphanin and Myrosinase Sulforaphane Glucosinolate (a.k.a. glucoraphinin) Raw Brocolli Sprout Power
     Sulforaphane Yield

    Predictable dose; no need for myrosinase.

    Stabilised 5%

    1% to 2%

    Typically 0.1% 

    0.4% to 2.32%

    Bioavailability (How much of what you ingest is actually used?)

    Predictable bioavailability


    In the presence of myrosinase: 

    35% to 40%

    No myrosinase present

    5% to 10%

    Supplementation Strategy No additional myrosinase needed; Predictable dose Needs myrosinase source for effectiveness. Myrosinase source necessary for activation. Consume with myrosinase containing foods. Daily Greens Powder
    Clinical Implications Predictable dose. Preferred. 2nd choice
    Limited effectiveness
    Cost per mg of sulforaphane Lowest cost  per mg of sulforaphane Medium  High unknown
    Stability High; stable formulation ensures long shelf life. Encapsulation for extra protection. Lower; myrosinase activity can decrease over time. Stability depends on processing and storage conditions. Fragile
    Brands V.IQ Avmacol Broccoraphanin®, Crucera-SGS BrocON
    Cost per day $2.66

    Type Capsule Tablet Capsule Powder

    Bioavailability data: https://chemoprotectioncenter.org/frequently-asked-questions/

    Cooking destroys Myrosinase
    Cruciferous vegetables, containing glucosinolates, are converted by myrosinases to isothiocyanates (ITC), promoting genes against oxidative stress. Cooking can inactivate myrosinases (anything over steaming for 3 minutes), but (healthy) gut flora can also create myrosinase and do some conversion. Another tip: Adding mustard seed powder while cooking broccoli may increase viable cooking temperature and time 90 degrees) as it seems to have a form of myrosinase much more heat resistant. 

    Glucosinolate individual conversion rates vary widely (1-40%), but broccoil seed extracts show higher uniform conversion (70-90%). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4618677/

    Sulforaphane Supplement Shopping Guide
    1. Look for supplements that contain actual sulforaphane. As a second best option, choose a combination of glucoraphanin and myrosinase. Avoid glucoraphinin (confusingly called Sulforaphane Glucosinolate).

    2. Choose supplements that use a standardized extract like Sulfodyne (5%)  to ensure consistent and predictable dosage. Consider supplements that are formulated with broccoli seed or sprouts, as they are a natural source of sulforaphane and have been found to have higher bioavailability.

    3. Avoid supplements that contain fillers or additives, as they can affect the bioavailability and efficacy of the supplement.

    4. Choose a suppplement that transparently shows you a batch test result.

    5. Be aware of labelling confusion: Many products claim high sulforaphane content without clarifying bioavailability or standardisation. Some will use micrograms, μg, (1000x less) instead of milligrams (mg).  

    6. Raw Broccoli Sprouts are the most concentrated food source of sulforaphane and can give you 10 times more sulforaphane than mature broccoli. We encourage eating them. Our supplement is advantageous because it is both convenient and offers a predictable dose.

    7. Broccoli Seed extracts have a higher sulforaphane yield than Sprout Powders.

    VitalityIQ Sulforaphane
    uses a stabilised & bioactive sulforaphane for enhanced absorption, bioavailability and potency.

    Useable Sulforaphane. Not just Precursors
  • Unlike other similar supplements, we provide real sulforaphane and not just precursors.  The problem with precursors is that they must first be converted into sulforaphane in the body. This can be highly inefficient due to a dependancy on enzymatic activity and also overall microbiome health.

    Made with SULFODYNE®,the same active ingredient in Prostaphane®, the top sulforaphane supplement recommended by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. 

    Sulfodyne® is 70% bioavailable which is 2x more than other sulforaphane supplements.

    All sulforaphane is heat-sensitive. That's why we overpack each capsule with more than the stated 220mg. We also display our verifying lab test result.  This helps mitigate loss over time. We also store our ingredients in a refrigerator.  

    Why Choose Sulforaphane?
    Sulforaphane has higher bioavailability than other popular plant extract supplements known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect: curcumin, quercetin, silymarin, and resveratrol. (source)

    When comparing supplement options, stabilised sulforaphane offers the most bioavailability:

    VitalityIQ™ Sulforaphane offers better value, both in terms of:

    1. A concentrated dose of stabilised sulforaphane

    2. A lower cost per dose vs other supplements with lower absorption rates.

    What's the right dose of sulforaphane?
    Day to day maintenance requirements also differ from those of someone with a specific health concern. So it could be anything from 20mg to 60mg per day. Depending on your source:

    200mg SULFODYNE® =10mg per capsule (Stabilised sulforaphane. Predictable)

    200g Broccoli = 0.5mg to 18mg (Source and Preparation variable)

    200g Sprouts = 5mg - 60mg (Source & Preparation variability)

    Source: Dr Jed Fahey discusses his research with Dr Rhonda Patrick

Do I need to keep this refrigerated?
A cool and dry place is all that is necessary, but refrigeration can prolong potency.
What's the difference to SanBroc®, BroccoPhane® and BroccoRaphanin®
SanBroc® Broccoli Seed Extract 13% Glucoraphanin Plus Myrosinase Claims 60% conversion rate from glucoraphinin > sulforaphane Produced by Sanberb Bioscience Group in China.

BroccoPhane® is a broccoli sprout powder Standardized to 4000ppm Sulforaphane. This is 4mg/1000mg. Produced by Bioriginal in Europe.

BroccoRaphanin® Basic or Plus provides either 5% or 11% concentration of glucoraphinin. No myrosinase is present. hey have since made Activated BroccoRaphanin® available which claims 1.25% to 2.3% Sulforaphane. 

Sulfodyne® is a Broccoli Seed Extract standardised to 5% stabilised sulforaphane made using a patented extraction process in France.  If a capsule contained 220mg of the powder, you would get 11mg of sulforaphane. And we overpack each capsule by 20% just to make sure we deliver what we promise.

In summary, the first three ingredients described above all provide the sulforaphane precursors glucoraphin and myrosinase which means highly variable conversion to sulforaphane. Sulfodyne® is the only ingredient that provides bioactive sulforaphane. 

Why don't I just eat more broccoli sprouts to get sulforaphane benefits?

You probably should eat more cruciferous vegetables and there are many good reasons to eat broccoli sprouts. They're a great source of fibre. Broccoli provides 44mg-171mg/100g while Broccoli sprouts are 10 to 20 times higher. (1153mg/100g) 

Cooking or blanching broccoli at less than 100°C can increase its effectiveness by releasing the myrosinase enzyme. However, if this enzyme is destroyed during processing (like blanching for frozen broccoli) or overheating, then the sulforaphane benefit is mostly lost. However, steaming between 1 and 3 minutes can increase sulforaphane yield. (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22471240/)

Everyone has myrosinase producing bacteria in their gut. 200g of Broccoli yields Glucoraphinin: 4mg to 150mg, which in turns, yields: 0.5mg to 18mg of sulforaphane. A large range because all broccoli is different based on genetics, the way it is treated, stored and cooked. 200g of Broccoli Sprouts yields 5mg and 60mg of sulforaphane. Cooking destroys myrosinase. Also, there is person-to-person variation in gut myrosinase. So there's a lot of variation between broccoli and also the amount of myrosinase in both broccoli and broccoli sprouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julianne Tetlow (Sydney, AU)
Love this product vitalityIQ

Feeling so much more aligned physically. More positive energy. Love it!!

Jarred Collins (Mandurah, AU)

So far so good,but still to early to know

Alan Bruce (Melbourne, AU)
My Cancer Journey

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2023. My tumor marker was 100 and I was advised by specialists that nothing could be done. I was told that I would have around 6 months to live. Since starting the VitalityIQ Sulforaphane 3 months ago, I had an oncologist report and scan last week and my tumor marker has dropped to 30. The only thing I have done different is taking the Sulforaphane capsules. The oncologist and I are both ecstatic with the results and they advised me to continue with the capsules. I am also a health practitioner and advising my patients of my progress and highly recommend VitalityIQ Sulforaphane.

simo (Melbourne, AU)
Paying for top quality

This products a bit more expensive than other brocolli extract but all the research points to this patented version of sulforaphane being superior in terms of stability and bioavailability than others on the market.

If you’re serious about adding this supplement to your daily routine, but feel it’s priced too high, I highly encourage you to review what else your taking to see if you can drop some supplements for this one.

Can definitely feel the difference when taking.

Karri Ward (Perth, AU)
Another great addition to their ranging!

I Love that I can purchase, Quality, Well Researched, Longevity products all in one place. This is another incredible product/tool to add to the Health & Longevity Lifestyle. Thank you Optimoz