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Bulletproof Energy + Focus (formerly Neuromaster)

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NeuroFactor™ Whole Coffee Fruit Extract with

Product Description:

  • 1 bottle of Energy + Focus nootropic containing 30 vegetable capsules (1 month supply)
  • Contains 50mg of caffeine per serving.
    Take one serving in the morning for a boost of mental energy that keeps you sharp.
  • Formulated Supplementary Sports food to be consumed as part of a nutritious diet and in conjunction with a program of physical activity.


  • Start a smart routine with Energy + Focus. Thanks to its key ingredient, coffee fruit extract, this brain function supplement supports attention, memory and focus. Coffee fruit extract is more than just a natural caffeine source. It's also shown to increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), which is known to support healthy brain aging because it can help produce new brain cells and strengthen existing ones.

    Is Your Brain Growing… Or Shrinking?

    As we age, many of us normally begin to lose this key protein that supports our brains. In a study of adults between the ages of 59 and 81, lower levels of BDNF were associated with age-related hippocampal shrinkage and memory decline. (source)

    Naturally Sourced From Coffee Berries

    All ingredients in Energy + Focus are laboratory-extracted from high-quality Arabica coffee fruit. One of these extracts alone has been shown in two separate double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to increase levels of BDNF. The other extract has 100% natural caffeine to jump-starts your day.

    Bulletproof™ supplements are backed by the most cutting-edge research, science, and technology to kick performance into overdrive. Sourced from the best, most bioavailable ingredients possible — all Bulletproof supplements are 100% non-GMO, soy, and gluten-free, with no artificial colours, added preservatives, or any other junk.
  • Contains 50mg of caffeine. Take one capsule in the morning with or without food.
    Pair Energy + Focus and Smart Mode together in your supplement routine to optimize your everyday mental performance. Some Bulletproof team members start their day with Energy + Focus, then take Smart Mode in the afternoon to fight through that midday mind-mush feeling. Try both and see how you feel.

    Amount Per Serving (1 Capsule):
    NeuroFactor™ Whole Coffee Fruit Extract – 200mg
    Coffeeberry® Energy Coffee Fruit Extract – 71mg

    Other Ingredients:
    Rice hulls, modified cellulose (vegetable capsule), rice extract blend.

    Neurophysiological Effects of Whole Coffee Cherry Extract in Older Adults with Subjective Cognitive Impairment: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Pilot Study

Customer Reviews

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Anna (Melbourne, AU)
No jitters, just clarity

Clean boost when a coffee is out of the question. No jitters, no upset digestion. Excellent product.

DF (Sydney, AU)

Great quality product, quick delivery. Thank you

Jane H. (Sydney, AU)
I was skeptical, being a

I was skeptical, being a caffeine-head already. But on day 1 I experienced the difference between multiple short blacks and Neuromaster!
Clear head, able to handle a lot of information with ease, mental clarity and a general lovely zoominess- without the teeth-grinding jitters of caffeinism. I will be reordering this gem.

Yvonne N. (Brisbane, AU)
Excellent product. It improves my

Excellent product. It improves my memory and recall. Just one capsule a day!