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by Kunal K April 17, 2013 4 min read


Bulletproof Coffee is a healthy source of energy in the form of Upgraded Coffee, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil & unsalted grass-fed butter (or grass-fed ghee.)


See Chad Mackay’s initial reaction to Bulletproof® Coffee during our taste testing at CrossFitActive

Drink up 30 minutes before your WOD and feel the energy to help push through one more rep.

Post workout, recover with a Bulletproof Coffee Protein Smoothie.

Here's what CrossFitters and Elite Athletes around the world are saying about Bulletproof® Coffee:

 "Fellow CrossFitters, I have stumbled across probably the greatest creation on the planet! BULLETPROOF COFFEE! 


Thats right! it is absolutely amazing! it can be used as a on the go breakfast, addition to breakfast and pre-workout fuel! Ingredients:

1 scoop chocolate Oxy Elite PROtein, 1-2 tsp of grass fed non-salted butter (YES I SAID BUTTER!) or grass fed ghee and your favourite cup of joe!

The idea is that coffee drinkers usually stumble across the crash not to long after there cup of joe. With the added butter for good fats and the MCT oil in the protein, you will have AMAZING energy for ours!" - USPLabsDirect.com


"...your coffee now becomes a great source of fat in the morning. I love the taste of the coffee and by the time I’m finished with a cup I feel kind of full.....it’s much better than my heavy whipping cream substitute and I’m always looking for extra sources of fat in my diet. For those of you who drink your coffee black, Nick has always drank his coffee black and actually likes the taste of this stuff. If your looking to try something new with your coffee, give this a try!" - Crossfit Intrepid


I made this for the first time the other day and it is awesome, and keeps you going for about 4 days straight. Try it out - CrossFit Lando


The other day, Kris Freeman blogged about bulletproof coffee which made me think that maybe we should post a blog about it as well. We’ve actually linked to it before, way back on April 22, 2012. It even spawned a Facebook Group of DCCF members. And then, coincidentally, Brent Logan asked if we were fans of bulletproof coffee. Well, hell yea we are - DsCrossfit
One of the first articles I came across on the blog was the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee. Initially, I thought Dave was just some crazy guy who put a lot of butter in his coffee, but I was intrigued enough to continue exploring his site.  It quickly became clear to me that Dave knew what he was talking about, and there was plenty of research and results to back up his unconventional methods. - Livingsuperhuman.com - Ben Greenfield

"More and more people have tried Bulletproof Coffee and more and more of you are seeing the benefits (memory, fat loss, insulin sensitivity, performance), not to mention it tastes great!" - Crossfit Thames


"Thank Jami Pierce for spreading the love of Bulletproof Coffee to the 26 folks, it's getting rave reviews!" - Crossfit26


So its been about 2 years since I wrote the original article on Bulletproof Coffee on CrossFit BWI’s blog....not really sure I could ever go back to drinking normal coffee. Dave and I have the same thoughts about what you should include in your morning nutrition cause were both effing geniuses, duh. - CrossFitSyndicate.com


I made my first cup this morning. I had to sneak the butter and coconut oil into my coffee because I know my hubby would think I'd gone off the deep end (butter in coffee???!!!). I'm shocked at how smooth and creamy it tastes... I'm still adjusting to coffee with no sweetener, but this really doesn't need any. Bonus: My lips are nice and moisturized too from all that butter and oil. - MyFitnessPal.com


This video features my favorite breakfast, Modified Bulletproof Coffee. This will help your body naturally burn more fat the first part of the day!!! Don’t we all want more of that? Plus, it tastes amazing. - krisfreemanpt.com


The official site is about drinking it as a meal to fat-power-start your day. They use grass fed butter and an oil that has mct. You blend it in a blender. We of course would use ghee and coconut oil and drink it with a proper meal. It is amazingly delicious. You do have to blend it though. The fats need to emulsify into the coffee. - Whole9life.com


First off, let me start by saying that I don't consider myself a coffee drinker, but since I discovered BulletProof Coffee that may be up for discussion. ...This stuff really is amazing. Coffee beans are one of the most contaminated crops in the world as far as pesticides and herbicides are concerned-- not to mention it has a very high mold factor. The creator of Bulletproof knew this and sought out some of the best beans in the world. Not only is the taste unreal the combination of unsalted butter makes it out of this world. - CrossFit781.com


“ I drink it in the mornings instead of breakfast really – I’ve never been a breakfast eater, in the past I’ve forced stuff down, for about 2 years I just did nothing but water until about noon. Now I front load with BPC at about 50-60g of fat and it runs me through till about 12:30-1:00.” - Grizzlystrong.com



Kunal K
Kunal K

Co-Founder, OptimOZ.com.au

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