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Good Fish

Good Fish Salmon in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - KetoFood

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Caught in the pristine waters off Alaska, Good Fish salmon meets every benchmark for quality, sustainability and deliciousness - and then some. Caught only at the peak of the season, when these luxurious fish are are their finest, the fish are snap frozen and sent immediately to Spain, where they are hand-processed using the traditional methods of the Mediterranean by a team (as tradition dictates) of highly skilled, all-female processors. Preserved in Spain’s finest certified organic extra virgin olive oils and bottled in glass, Good Fish pink salmon exemplifies quality and tradition, while meeting the highest environmental standards and being an absolutely delicious eating fish that’s perfect for all sorts of dishes, from simple pastas to decadent salads.

  • MSC certified (in train)
  • Wild caught
  • Caught in sustainable fisheries (FAO Area 67)
  • Caught by hook and line (no drift netting)
  • 100 percent Alaskan pink salmon
  • 100 percent dolphin safe
  • Hand processed
  • BPA free
  • Certified organic (olive oil)
  • Chemical free
  • Additive free
  • Fair trade (workers responsibly paid)
  • Nutrient rich

Ingredients: Atlantic Salmon, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gillian (Sydney, AU)
Convenience and quality

I recently had the pleasure of trying Good Fish Salmon in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and it exceeded all my expectations in terms of taste, convenience, and ethical sourcing. This product has become a staple in my kitchen for creating quick, delicious meals with a conscience.

Gail C (Melbourne, AU)
Good Fish Wild Caught Salmon

Really good tasting fish - the best fish in a tin for sure. Thank you Optimoz

Larissa (Melbourne, AU)
Best Canned Fish I’ve come across!

Great flavour and in extra virgin olive oil instead of shonky seed oils.
Love that I can buy them in a 5 pack, better than I can get at the shop. Thanks OptimOz

Carolina (Kellyville, AU)
Amazing taste

This canned salmon is very tasty and a great option for a quick nutritious lunch.The best part is knowing is sutainable and the cans are BPA free

Thomas Manefield (Melbourne, AU)
Salmon in Olive oil

Outstanding quality, tasty and great mixed with salad or cooked spinach. Have already re-ordered.