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simo (Melbourne, AU)
Easy Win

Optimoz Gift Card is an easy win for someone who’s to buy for

Ritva K. (Brisbane, AU)
Ms Ritva Kunelius

Hi, l am very pleased to have found Perfect Amino Acid, have been using it for about 2 weeks and see great results. I had a very painful knee for about the past three years since a very bad car accident. Also previously had bad knees due to ski accidents, but lately it become nearly impossible to climb stairs without excruciating pain. Glad to say l have improved about 95% incredibly. I have other serious health issues and will wait and see how things improve if l go by my knee results good l hope. Keep you posted. P.s. l am glad you have this product in powder form too as l find it very difficult to swallow the tablets, will order powder next. Kind regards, Ritva

Sally M. (Perth, AU)
I use Perfect Aminos by

I use Perfect Aminos by BodyHealth. I use the Perfect Aminos pills and have no trouble at all swallowing them, takes about a week to get use to it but once your use to it it’s fine, I tilt my head slightly down, take small sips of water with each pill, if one doesn’t go down first try I take it out and take it last. I take 8 pills on waking and 5 after my workout.

I also use Perfect Aminos Electrolytes and think I’m addicted to it :joy: I found the taste a bit too much in the beginning so had half a scoop twice a day and now have the full scoop. I can’t go without it now.

I also use the Perfect Aminos Meal Replacement in my morning smoothie, I don’t have the full scoop but I love it to.
I can’t see myself being without Perfect Aminos products, my health has improved so much and after all the years of searching for the product that was going to give me my energy and vitality back this is it.

I had an arm injury I’d been carrying for about a year and couldn’t get rid of it, the dr said it was muscle or ligament and within a week and a half it was healed, absolutely amazing :smiley:.
I have loads more energy during my workouts now and I’m lifting heavier also.

I’m almost 53, in the middle of menopause and I feel amazing thanks to Perfect Aminos, no more brain fog :smiley:

Great service by Optimoz, fast efficient delivery and communication every step of the way :smiley:

If your looking to improve your well-being and muscle tone Perfect Aminos is the product for you. Yes it seems expensive but if you take correct amount for your weight you won’t regret it, you won’t need to take protein powder or eat as much protein which is something I’ve always struggled with due to gut issues which has also improved.

Dr Minkoff is a genius in my eyes. I love this product and I’m so thankful I found it :heart_eyes:

Rachel D. (Ryde, AU)
I never win anything! I

I never win anything! I was very pleased to get $100 gift card for my review on a recent purchase. Awesome!

Rhian S. (Sydney, AU)
Its a brilliant gift idea

Its a brilliant gift idea for the health Conscience person, easy and effective