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Wholesale Bulletproof® Coffee, MCT Oils & Supplements | Australia

The Bulletproof® product range is available for you to resell in your health food store or cafe! We service you through warehouses in both Sydney and Perth, Australia. OptimOZ Pty Ltd are the officially appointed distributors for Australia and New Zealand.

Email wholesale@optimoz.com.au to commence establishing your account or submit your details using contact form below and a representative will get back to you. 


What is Bulletproof® Coffee?

A recipe created by Dave Asprey that combines freshly ground & mould-free coffee, grass fed butter and mct oil. It is quickly being adopted by everyone from high-flying executives to athletes as a daily energy source of choice that promotes cognitive function, physical energy and satiety. Very popular in the paleo scene, especially with the use of grass-fed ghee in place of butter.

  • Maintain focus all day

  • Stay satiated and eliminate cravings
  • Induce ketosis and facilitate intermittent fasting

The unique blend of caffeine and ketones provides unmatched stimulation, sustained energy, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits without the jitters, headaches or stomach upsets associated with other coffees.
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OptimOZ are the officially appointed & exclusive Australian distributors for the Bulletproof® and Primal Collective™ product ranges.

For wholesale enquiries, email us: wholesale@optimoz.com.au