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The Original Bulletproof Coffee (Ground) - 340g

This medium roast coffee features distinct notes of cinnamon, plum and orange with a cocoa hazelnut finish. 340g bag of Coffee Grounds.

  • Expertly-picked and sorted for the highest quality beans
    Thorough, sustainable washing and drying technique
    Direct partnership with farms to ensure sustainable operations
    Grown on high altitude estates in Guatemala and Colombia
    Sustainably washed, mechanically dried, and tested for toxins
    Also available: Whole Beans or Nespresso Pods 


  • Pre-ground Bulletproof coffee beans are designed to save you time (and noise) in the morning without sacrificing freshness. Bulletproof ground coffee is set to medium for ideal usage with drip or syphon brewing methods. It will also work ok with Pour Over and Moka Espresso Pots, but it isn't an ideal grind for Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew or Turkish Coffee. For these methods, you'll need to increase the brew time to 3+ minutes.

    Bulletproof Coffee is the result of an obsessive pursuit to find the absolute highest performance coffee beans on earth. It’s taken me more than 10 years to identify every step of performance-robbing toxin formation in coffee and to find a reliable, perfect source of beans that always make you feel great.

    "Normal" coffee usually gives you the jitters and makes you cranky, but this coffee makes you feel noticeably better than anything else you’ll find. These beans are meant for drinking black or best of all, for making Bulletproof® Coffee with grass fed butter.The high quality and carefully sourced beans makes Bulletproof Coffee taste great too! It has a fruity aroma with hints of apples, cherries, and vanilla. Clean and bright, Bulletproof Coffee is a well-balanced coffee with a full body and undertones of caramels in the creamy finish.

    Whole beans also available for those that prefer freshly ground coffee each morning.


  • Bulletproof beans are harvested in Central America from passive organic estates without chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.). Each bean is hand-picked by experienced coffee harvesters – skilled people who only pick perfectly ripe berries. Most modern coffee producers pick unripe and damaged beans alongside the ripe ones, which impacts how the coffee makes you feel. Bulletproof sources beans from an estate in Columbia for roasting in December to June and sources coffee beans from an estate in Guatemala to provide beans from June to December. This is true for all Bulletproof roasts.

  • Coffee Is Better With (Grass-Fed) Butter or Ghee for a lactose free option.

    We’re serious. Bulletproof Coffee is the ultimate drink for power brokers and school teachers alike.

    Take 2 cups of Bulletproof Coffee, 2 tbs. of unsalted grass-fed butter or ghee, and 2 tbs of Brain Octane Oil, and blend it together with a good blender or an Aerolatte® until a creamy head of foam forms. Pour and enjoy this healthful, frothy, and delicious cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

    This drink is becoming wildly popular for several reasons:

    • It makes you feel energised, alert, and focused all day without the crash of energy drinks.
    • It can melt body fat and increase muscle mass.
    • It’s made with high quality unsalted grass-fed butter, so it tastes great and provides important fatty acids like CLA.

    These beans are professionally ground right after roasting… and each bag gets flushed with nitrogen to remove oxygen that can make coffee taste stale before being thermally sealed. Not only that, each bag of Bulletproof ground beans has a special one-way ‘de-gassing’ valve that keeps the coffee in an air-free environment for maximum freshness. Because of the space-age packaging technology, your coffee can stay fresh for weeks at room temperature – or for longer-term storage, you can keep unopened bags ‘on ice’ in the freezer. Just put a piece of tape over the valve first.

Customer Reviews

Based on 300 reviews
Margaret Meighan (Brisbane, AU)
Unparalleled Coffee

The only coffee I'll drink, the very best, love it!

Rae (Brisbane, AU)
First Rate

Excellent coffee

thinh ha (Fairfield, AU)
best coffee

my go to morning coffee

Mady (Sydney, AU)
Mycotoxin free and safe for all sorts of uses!

I use mine for coffee enemas under a parasite detox I am on. It works great!

Casey (Sydney, AU)
Quality, Tasty Coffee!

Love knowing I'm getting clean, good quality coffee - and the taste is great!