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by Kunal K October 14, 2018 4 min read

Struggling for great gift ideas for the biohacker in your life? We’ve put together an OptimOZ Health Optimiser's Christmas Shopping Guide:

#14. Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit

Want to introduce someone to Bulletproof Coffee? This kit is perfect for any beginner. It has almost everything one may need to get started with Bulletproof coffee including Bulletproof Original Blend coffee, sourced purely from coconuts Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil and Australian made grass-fed ghee.

Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit

An easy to use Aeropress Coffee Maker will help brew the tastiest Bulletproof Coffee, while Aerolatte frother will help blend all the ingredients and give the coffee that smooth, frothy finish. 

#13. HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer - Bluetooth for Android and iOS

This Heart Rate Variability training aid helps you tame your fight, flight or freeze response. Become a more resilient, rational and powerful person. Dave Asprey is a big advocate of HRV training!  

#12. KetoneAid

Make it a Keto Christmas. Exogenous ketone esters provide a rapid infusion of ketones to your bloodstream. 

KetoneAid drinks

Ketone Ester is perfect for anyone who is looking to power their body with ketones for clarity of mind, energy boost and hunger control. 

Check out the rest of our keto diet foods and supplements collection.

#11. Kimera Koffee

Nootropics-infused coffee is a great gift for any coffee hacker. Cognitive enhancing coffee may be just the ticket after that coma inducing Christmas lunch. Who's looking to step up their coffee game? #becomethelegend 

Kimera Koffee Original, Dark and Focus Blend

Kimera's Variety Pack is a great opportunity to try three Kimera Koffee Blends: 

  • Original - High altitude artisan organic coffee infused with Alpha GPC, Taurine, Ginkgo Biloba and L-Theanine that features balanced and straightforward aromas and flavour notes with faint chocolate hints.
  • Dark Roast - Organic coffee infused with brain vitamins like L-theanine, DMAE, Alpha- GPC, and Taurine that offer a burst of energy and activate brain function.
  • Focus - Formulated with L-Theanine, this blend helps improve mental endurance, enhance awareness, and amplify alpha brain waves.

#10. Subscription to Brain.FM

Functional Music to Improve Focus, Creativity, Relaxation or sleep in 15 Minutes. A science-first approach creates music that sounds different–and affects your brain differently–than any other music. 

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#9. Biohacker's Handbook - Hardcover or eBook 

The Definitive Guide to Upgrading Yourself & Unleashing Your Inner Potential
Biohacker's Handbook now shipping internationally!

Biohacking is all about optimising human performance, health and well-being by utilising science, technology and a deep understanding of human physiology and nutrition.

#8. Primal Collective Grass-Fed Ghee

A delicious healthy fat to use while cooking or to add to your Bulletproof Coffee. Ghee is a superfood that has been used for over 5000 years as a staple of Indian cuisine and medicine.

Primal collective grass fed ghee

#7. OptimOZ Gift Card

The gift of choice! OptimOZ gift cards come in price ranges of $10 - $100.

#6. Primal Collective Marine Algae Oil

Omega 3s, especially EPA and DHA, can increase muscle volume and strength, slow telomere shortening and improve verbal fluency, memory and visual motor coordination.

primal collective marine algae oil

Primal Collective Marine Algae Oil is a great gift for everyone who is looking to increase their Omega 3 intake. Each batch is lab-tested to ensure that capsules contain the stated dose of at least 500DHA and 300EPA per serving. 

#5. PerfectAmino Pure Essential Amino Acids

Pure EAAs in a form that is both 99% utilized & fully absorbed within 30 minutes! Body Health Perfect Amino is an indispensable gift for those who are watching their protein intake. 

Available as tablets in 150, 300 & 600 or flavoured powders.

#4. Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough

Know someone who needs help with getting a good night's sleep? Magnesium Breakthrough may be the gift they've been waiting for.

Magnesium Breakthrough

A special formula that boasts 7 types of Magnesium in exactly the right ratio in just 1 one supplement will not only help get a more deep, restorative and refreshing sleep but also provide feelings of zen-like calm throughout the day.

#3. Premium Matcha Green Tea

A delicious gift for anyone who loves green tea or simply looking for a healthy coffee substitute.

Kenko Tea offers high-quality matcha green tea powder that can be enjoyed on its own with hot water, or made into a Bulletproof Matcha Latte or used in a smoothie. 

Matcha is an especially good alternative in the afternoon for calm energy and to mitigate sleep disruption that night. 

#2. Fast This Way Book by Dave Asprey

A must-have book and a toolkit for anyone who is interested or already practising intermittent fasting.

Fast This Way by Dave Asprey

Written by a world-renowned biohacker and a founder of Bulletproof brand, Dave Asprey, this book reveals Dave's personal journey and experience with intermittent fasting.

Dave takes its readers on a journey through cutting-edge science and shows that intermittent fasting goes far beyond the simple calorie restriction.

#1. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

If there is someone in your life who is struggling with a 3 PM slump or those post-coffee jitters, Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee could be a game changing present.

Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee

On a mission to help people eat more of the world’s most scientifically studied superfoods - mushrooms - Four Sigmatic created a special mushroom coffee mix. Formulated with Organic Chaga, Lion's Mane mushrooms and Rhodiola, this coffee mix not only helps maintain clarity and focus without the dreaded crush, but also tastes amazing. 

Kunal K
Kunal K

Co-Founder, OptimOZ.com.au

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