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Kimera Koffee

Kimera Koffee Focus Blend Organic Ground - 340g

Coffee with L-theanine.

The all mighty L-theanine in a synergistic combination with organic coffee in the optimal 2:1 ratio conducive to enhanced mental stamina, without the jitters.

Kimera Koffee Focus Tasting Notes


    Each serving of Kimera Koffee Focus has 300mg of L-Theanine. By combining L-Theanine with coffee in the perfect 2:1 ratio, results may include:

    • Boosted Alpha Waves in the brain
    • Enhanced mental focus
    • Improved memory recall
    • Improved reaction time
    • Heightened alertness
    • Greater mental focus and natural attention span

    Kimera Koffee Focus is geared towards those looking for mental stamina -- whether hitting the gym, working on a spreadsheet or driving your kids to school.

    L-theanine in combination with a medium roast coffee in the optimal 2:1 ratio. Coffee by itself offers stimulation and alertness, but it can also leave me feeling jittery and anxious. To mitigate this, we've added L-theanine, a relaxant and alpha brain wave activator. 

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