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Kimera Koffee

Kimera Koffee Focus Ground Coffee with L-Theanine 340g

Tastes good and I really feel the difference in energy and mental clarity. Plus I'm losing weight which is awesome! I just have one bulletproof coffee (2 cups) using the Kimera blend in the morning and it keeps me going pretty much all day. -Annie I., Kimera Koffee Focus customer.

L-theanine in a synergistic combination with organic coffee in the optimal 2:1 ratio for enhanced mental stamina, focus and flow. Without the jitters.

Kimera Koffee Focus Tasting Notes


    Each serving of Kimera Koffee Focus has 300mg of L-Theanine. By combining L-Theanine with coffee in the perfect 2:1 ratio, results may include:

    • Boosted Alpha Waves in the brain
    • Enhanced mental focus
    • Improved memory recall
    • Improved reaction time
    • Heightened alertness
    • Greater mental focus and natural attention span

    Kimera Koffee Focus is geared towards those looking for mental stamina -- whether hitting the gym, working on a spreadsheet or driving your kids to school.

    L-theanine in combination with a medium roast coffee in the optimal 2:1 ratio. Coffee by itself offers stimulation and alertness, but it can also leave me feeling jittery and anxious. To mitigate this, we've added L-theanine, a relaxant and alpha brain wave activator for that flowstate.

    All Kimera Koffee options:

    Original Blend Organic Ground 340g

    Original Dark Blend Organic Ground  340g

    Amber Blend Organic Ground 340g

    Combine with a Kimera Coffee Creamer

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Louise B. (Melbourne, AU)
    Great tasting clean coffee!

    Great tasting clean coffee!

    Damien W. (Adelaide, AU)
    Promotes day wide energy

    Promotes day wide energy

    Helan F. (Melbourne, AU)
    I was never really a

    I was never really a coffee drinker but since having Focus blend, I have it every morning. I make it into bulletproof coffee, yummo.

    Kelly I. (Melbourne, AU)
    Yum with bonus focus!

    Love this coffee just for the taste, and it definitely helps me focus better as it promises. Amazing to drink such a healthy coffee with extra benefits. Great for my keto lifestyle too!

    Donna B. (Sydney, AU)
    I can't normally drink coffee

    I can't normally drink coffee because it gives me the shakes. This is the only coffee that hasn't done that. Lovely taste aswel