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by Kerrie Gleeson July 21, 2017 4 min read

Dearest OptimOZ readers, how are you all? Nurse Extraordinaire (Kerrie) here saying Hello!

Seems likeā€¦well, it actually has been ages since I last wroteā€¦.but I have a good reason. I have been to Athens for practical training in my Bioresonance and Energy course using the Deta Elis professional machine. Mind blowing to say the leastā€¦as a country, I love Australiaā€¦.but we do lag behind a lot of the latest research and trends at times.

What have I been learning? Where do I beginā€¦.letā€™s start with a little organā€¦called an organelle in the human cell called the Mitochondria. When I did my original nurse training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital thousands of years ago (with Jesus) we learned practically nothing about this important structure. However, 2017 has arrived and we now know that each mitochondria in our cell actually used to be a bacteria! And each one has itā€™s own DNA. So our DNA is not only located in our nucleus (23 pairs of chromosomes)ā€¦but also in our mitochondria! AND we only inherit our mitochondria from our mothersā€¦.not from our fathers at all! Which means, if you are concerned
about mitochondrial disease or issues with energy, you best look at your mother, grand mother, great grand mother etcā€¦..because what they do with and how they treat their mitochondria will ultimately affect you.

Why is this important? Because we are getting sicker quicker people. I have just completed 6 weeks of clinical placement in hospitals with nursing students. Hand on heart I can tell you that when Jesus and I were training as nurses, we were not seeing young people having heart attacksā€¦.we were not seeing young people have strokesā€¦this was the domain of the ā€œolderā€ peopleā€¦mainly over 75 years.

Now, it is becoming increasingly common to see people in their 30ā€™s, 40ā€™s having major cardiac and cerebral events. What is going on? Is it just about our diet? Well, I believe our diet definitely plays a roleā€¦but more than ever I am starting to be convinced by people like Jack Kruse and other courageous crusaders that our bodies are not adapting too well to an artificial light andĀ electromagnetic environment. It is becoming the painful needle in the backside of the ā€œestablishmentā€. We cannot ignore this any longer if we want ourselves and our children to live healthy, disease free lives.

My concern, given our current lifestyle is that our children will get sick and possibly even die well before we do. That is NOT normal and that is NOT how it is meant to be. But they are the ones who have grown up in a completely artificial light environment. They are the ones who are glued to their Facebook, iPhone and computer screens. They are the ones who never get outside because the X box gives them more pleasure. They are the ones who are getting astronomical rates of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, anxiety, depressionā€¦.they are the ones I am seeing having heart issues and strokesā€¦.and everyone sits around and says ā€œhow did this happen? He is so youngā€¦maybe itā€™s just in his genesā€ā€¦.. we now know itā€™s got nothing to do with his genes in 90-95%
of cases. Itā€™s got everything to do with his mitochondria being screwed by his artificial
electromagnetic environment.

People, we need to work on this new addiction together. We need to wake up. In all honesty, healthy fats are so important for your mitochondria. Thatā€™s why I love my Brain Octane. But my Blue Light Blocker glasses are what saves me from the hormone disrupting effect of blue light at night. We need technologyā€¦I get that. How else could I be sending this to you! It is awesome. But donā€™t be stupid with it! Blue light at night destroys your melatonin secretion. End of story. Melatonin is essential for life. End of story. Kids will always use technologyā€¦but how about encouraging them to use it safely? Limit time they are on the damn things in the first placeā€¦.they should NOT be taking their phones into their bedrooms at night. Why the hell do they need them? You know what they are doingā€¦they are chatting with their friends all night because their melatonin levels are stuffed and their body doesnā€™t know if itā€™s day or night. Lock the damn things in a safe. They can retrieve them in the morning AFTER they have done some walking barefoot in the morning sunā€¦.trust me on this. We need to get back to nature. We have become so disconnected it is killing us.

We honestly need to realise that while modern technology is awesome, it is also killing us and our kids. Get your Brain Octane into you and them. They can damn well wear those blue light blocker glasses at night if they must liaise with their friends onlineā€¦they may not look cool but who gives a stuff if it keeps you and them healthy! They will thank you for it one dayā€¦when they are a healthy 90 year old.

Watch this space people. Electromagnetic fields are dangerous. Use with caution. Once again, may the force be with you. I love you all!

Nurse Extraordinaire (Kerrie)

Kerrie Gleeson
Kerrie Gleeson

Kerrie is an ICU nurse and also a nurse educator based in Melbourne, Australia.

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