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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective

Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 13

July 21, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

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Welcome to 2017 OptimOZ Legends!

January 24, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Hello and welcome to 2017 Optimoz Legends! Let’s not make this a “ground hog year”… and exciting times are on the horizon. So let us be a part of the change!

What is really exciting me right now is the concept of Ketosis…yes…it has been around for quite a while but it is finally starting to gain some traction in the mainstream media…it just makes so much sense it kind of seems too simple. Yet again, I see the idea of eating too many carbohydrates as a huge mistake. As Jack Kruse says, we should eat our carbs during long light cycles such as Summer. However, during Winter is NOT the time to be loading up on carbs!!! That’s where our high fat, low- carb diet is essential. We are not ancestrally geared to burn carbs in Winter. And we have not yet evolved to do so.

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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective

Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 11

December 21, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Well it’s that time of year again everyone. And what a year 2016 has been! I don’t know about you but MANY people I know have found this year to be a bit tough….a year of endings or things finishing. Not necessarily bad….just quite draining. Needless to say, 2017 will herald a year of new things beginning. Wonderful!
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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective

Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 10

October 15, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Hi there to everyone in OptimOZ Land! Well the Bulldogs have just won an amazing Grand Final…against the odds. Winning four games in which they were the under dogs….pardon the pun. Doesn’t that give you hope for us mere mortals to rise above and be extraordinary? The power of the mind is an amazing beautiful thing. If only we could get out of our own way and trust ourselves and our own ability. We are truly capable of anything. What the Bulldogs achieved we can also, albeit on a smaller scale…I’m not anticipating 99,000 people at the MCG watching me!
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Bulletproof from a Nurses Perspective Part 9

July 29, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

Hello to everyone in Optimoz Land! Nurse Extraordinaire here!

Well I have done it! FINALLY completed and passed all my modules in the Diploma of Bioresonance and Energy Medicine. I have actually purchased the machine called “The Professional” and am now saving to get to Athens to do a practicum with a Russian doctor who is an expert in this field….then look out Australia! It’s all about energy people…my mission is to keep you OUT of hospital (except for emergencies!)

Just read an amazing book called Earthing…I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wears synthetic shoes, works in offices, sleeps in a beds off the ground,  lives in a high rise apartment or multi-story building, uses a computer, ipad, iphone etc….basically the whole lot of us! I have mentioned energy and electrons before. We all consume our awesome high fat, low carb (brain octane as well for me!) diet to gain energy….it’s all about the electrons from that food that “charges” us so to speak. Believe it or not, we human beings are just like batteries. We need to “charge” ourselves with electrons…because so much of today’s lifestyle has taken us away from the best source of electrons on this planet…the earth. The ground. Grass, sand, dirt.

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Bulletproof from a Nurses Perspective Part 8

May 29, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

Hello to everyone in OptimOZ Bulletproof Land! Nurse Extraordinaire here! Long time no write. Nearly finished my Diploma in Bioresonance & Energy medicine which has blown my mind and made me realise how little I truly learned about the body in my nurse training all those years ago. You know learning is a life long thing. It never stops. And the more I learn, the more I realise I want to know. It’s all about energy people! We all are energy beings. It’s way below cellular level. And the very first place it must start is ultimately with how we treat our physical body. This affects us at a subatomic particle level.

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Bulletproof from a Nurses Perspective Part 7

March 26, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Hi all! Nurse Extraordinaire here wishing you a wonderful Easter break! Life has been chaotic and I will use any measure I can (provided it’s legal) to assist me on my quest to remain extraordinary!
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Blue Light and Sleep From a Nurse's Perspective

January 23, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Of all the colours in the light spectrum, blue light is one of the most damaging simply because we overdose on it with all of our technology…all day and often much of the night for many of us.

You have heard mespeak on this before. How we need to block the blue light at night to allow melatonin levels to rise. My concern is that we are not waking up to this fact fast enough. Working in an intensive care unit is as bright as bright can be. We often do not have the lights dimmed down too much at night. I worry for our poor patients….who get sleep deprived and starved of natural sunlight. If I had the money and power (dreams are free!) I would make hospitals one level only with retractable roofs. Then, every day, when it is not raining, I would open those roofs for at least 15 minutes to give patients and staff access to natural normal sunlight. And it might sound crazy, but I think they would heal better, faster and be FAR better off emotionally.

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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 5

October 30, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

I cannot stress enough how important your health is to you! I have cared for all kinds of people. And no-one has ever said to me ”Gee Kerrie, I wish I had made more money and bought more cars” before they died. Money and possessions mean very little when you are fighting for your life. I see families whose lives have been turned upside down in one day. Those silly little things no longer matter. What is it going to take to make us wake up? I see people living in a trance, as if they are in a coma with no idea they are the ones who can change their lives.
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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 4

August 22, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

Hi everyone! Nurse extraordinaire here! Long time no talk. Have just come back from Thailand and have to say the plane journey was interesting. And I totally agree with Dave Asprey when he says the food on planes is toxic! Corn flakes for breakfast? Pasta meals that look like medical experiments? Not to mention the dehydration! We all know that long plane flights suck fluid from our bodies and predisposes us to dehydration. But the cabin pressure also is relatively hypoxic, which makes us drowsy on planes. It’s a natural thing…although I think it may also help to calm us down as well….when you are low on oxygen, you are not as likely to “play up” so to speak.
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Bulletproof from a Nurses Perspective Part 3

May 25, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Hi all! Here I am giving you an update on my mission to spread the message of the benefit of a low-moderate carb, high fat diet! Firstly, did you see me on Channel 9 with the Blue Blocker glasses?  Absolutely stunning I must say…but in all honesty, I have now been using them for about 4 months. They work for me. Just an hour before bed, when you are on your iPad, phone or watching TV. I truly feel tired and wind down for sleep. And when I hit the pillow…that’s it…I’m having a date with the back of my eyelids for at least several restful hours….if I have to get up to go to the toilet, I go back to sleep easily. I put this down to the glasses. I know there may be skeptics out there but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. End of story. Give them a go. Good quality sleep is essential for Great quality life.
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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 2

February 24, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

As a nurse educator and ICU nurse, I remain surprised at how long it is taking my fellow medical colleagues to catch on. There are small pockets of acceptance of the need for healthy fats and less sugar. However, on the floor at work, where the rubber meets the road, we still feed our patients what I believe is toxic food.

I am often amazed to think our hospital kitchens provide very little in the way of a decent diet for our patients when they need it most.

If you get sick and need to go to hospital, I totally understand. But the best thing for you is to get out as soon as you can. Why? To get yourself some decent food with high quality fat and protein that makes you heal. You can’t heal in a hospital that feeds you poorly. So I am going to keep you all posted on how I am going to try to change my student nurses’ thinking on the current food pyramid and how we have got it so wrong for so long.

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