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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 4

Hi everyone! Nurse extraordinaire here! Long time no talk. Have just come back from Thailand and have to say the plane journey was interesting. And I totally agree with Dave Asprey when he says the food on planes is toxic! Corn flakes for breakfast? Pasta meals that look like medical experiments? Not to mention the dehydration! We all know that long plane flights suck fluid from our bodies and predisposes us to dehydration. But the cabin pressure also is relatively hypoxic, which makes us drowsy on planes. It’s a natural thing…although I think it may also help to calm us down as well….when you are low on oxygen, you are not as likely to “play up” so to speak.

But then I got to thinking how much this messes up our bodies. However, With a bit of forethought, we can make things easier on ourselves:

  • Bringing your own bulletproof food onto planes makes it so much easier. I know it can be harder with international flights with fluids due to restrictions but at least having decent food on a plane is a must.
  • Don’t forget to move those legs if you are in cattle class. People really have no idea how easy it is for clots to form in legs that have been still and dependent for long periods of time.
  • Remember to do some deep breathing every hour whilst you are awake. 6-10 big deep breaths every hour load you up with oxygen and helps with blood circulation. There is a LOT to be said for breathing…

By the way, I am still LOVING my XCT oil & ghee! And my nursing students are telling me they are feeling great! This is a bonus considering we are leading up to exams and the stress is on. We all know stress makes us stupid. So anything we can do to reduce it is awesome! So remain bulletproof people and continue to be extraordinary. After all, that’s what we are here for!


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Kerrie Gleeson
Kerrie Gleeson


Kerrie is an ICU nurse and also a nurse educator based in Melbourne, Australia.