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by Kerrie Gleeson October 30, 2015 2 min read

Kerrie Gleeson - Bulletproof NurseKerrie, Nurse Extraordinaire here! How is everyone going? For me, life continues to be awesome. Really loving the new supplements Optimoz are producing. Such high quality and a great service. I honestly cannot speak more highly of the whole team.

I really can tell the difference if I had not had my Brain Octane. I basically add it to just about everything now. Working in ICU and teaching nursing students means I have to be on my game. I can function better on the brain octane, don’t get as hungry and don’t panic if something goes wrong…it’s a beautiful thing!

About to venture into the world of Bioresonance and Energy medicine. I can see how sick our hospital system is. No point me trying to fix it when it is ingrained. I’ve been working in them for over 30 years. And I will continue to do so because I love caring for people. Hospitals are good at treating emergencies, fixing broken bones, putting in parts, taking out parts..but really, they are not good at promoting a healthy, happy joyful life. Best you avoid them at all costs.

I cannot stress enough how important your health is to you! I have cared for all kinds of people. And no-one has ever said to me ”Gee Kerrie, I wish I had made more money and bought more cars” before they died. Money and possessions mean very little when you are fighting for your life. I see families whose lives have been turned upside down in one day. Those silly little things no longer matter. What is it going to take to make us wake up? I see people living in a trance, as if they are in a coma with no idea they are the ones who can change their lives.

If you treat your body like garbage and have what they call “stinking thinking”, it’s going to come back to haunt you one day. Choosing to be happy, healthy and joyful is just that. A choice. It sure as hell beats any other alternative I have seen! People say to me “I can’t afford to buy those supplements”…but they can afford to buy cigarettes, drink bourbon & get pizza. Go figure.

In the end, we all have a choice. Each to their own. But us nurses and doctors know our hospitals just cannot handle the numbers. We are bursting with increasingly sick people….who are coming in younger than ever before. People are having strokes in their 20’s and 30’s….I honestly have never seen these numbers so high as now in my career. In this age of advancing incredibly expensive medical technology, we need to go back to the basics. Once again, I am asking people to WAKE UP before it’s too late. You are responsible for your own health. Please do not put it in the hands of us nurses and doctors unless it’s an emergency. You have been in your skin a lot longer than us. Take back control!

Love you all….

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Kerrie Gleeson
Kerrie Gleeson

Kerrie is an ICU nurse and also a nurse educator based in Melbourne, Australia.

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