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Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective Part 10

Kerrie Gleeson - Bulletproof NurseHi there to everyone in OptimOZ Land! Well the Bulldogs have just won an amazing Grand Final…against the odds. Winning four games in which they were the under dogs….pardon the pun. Doesn’t that give you hope for us mere mortals to rise above and be extraordinary? The power of the mind is an amazing beautiful thing. If only we could get out of our own way and trust ourselves and our own ability. We are truly capable of anything. What the Bulldogs achieved we can also, albeit on a smaller scale…I’m not anticipating 99,000 people at the MCG watching me!

However, who remembers the concept years ago that “no-one could break the 4 minute mile barrier”? It was a widely held belief that no matter how good the athlete, the 4 minute mile was unassailable. When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, he created a whole new level of human belief and consciousness. Suddenly athletes all over the world began breaking the 4 minute mile! How does this happen? By coincidence? I think not. It is something called a change in human consciousness….we are all connected people. If you look throughout history, you will see similar feats achieved. It takes just ONE person or ONE team to change the world…why can’t that be you or your team? The Bulldogs have just become the first team to win a grand final after finishing 7th on the AFL ladder. They have won the Grand final. However, they have achieved much more than that. They have created a whole new level of human belief and awareness that this is INDEED possible. You watch what happens from here…it is a wonderful time to be alive!

So daylight savings comes to us here in Melbourne which means longer exposure to my favourite health supplement….natural light! That together with my ever reliable Brain Octane keeps my mind & body active and ready to take on Summer! Remember to get yourselves out in natural daylight first thing in the morning, barefoot on grass if possible. Reset your body clock at the start of the day. Get it ready for you to be extraordinary. Get as much natural sunlight (without burning yourself!) as you can during the day. Without prescription glasses or sunglasses or contact lenses. Just your corneas people. Natural light needs to enter through your skin but especially through your eyes….we have all been shielding our eyes from light using dark sunglasses for too long. It is making us sick. Time to stop it. By the way, what gives with wearing sunglasses inside? Sorry but unless it is for a medical reason I call that just plain stupid.

Anyway, I digress….so now we know even the under dog can be extraordinary, it is time to get out of your head and focus on your heart. We are all born to walk tall, not small. Be extraordinary, not ordinary. If together we can aim high, we can influence everyone and everything else on this planet. How awesome is that? And we don’t need a crowd of 99,000 to watch us. It all can start with an N of 1. YOU!!! Love you all long time!



Nurse Extraordinaire ☺☺☺

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Kerrie Gleeson
Kerrie Gleeson


Kerrie is an ICU nurse and also a nurse educator based in Melbourne, Australia.