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by Oksana Movchan July 29, 2016 3 min read

Kerrie Gleeson - Bulletproof Nurse

Hello to everyone in Optimoz Land! Nurse Extraordinaire here!

Well I have done it! FINALLY completed and passed all my modules in the Diploma of Bioresonance and Energy Medicine. I have actually purchased the machine called ā€œThe Professionalā€ and am now saving to get to Athens to do a practicum with a Russian doctor who is an expert in this fieldā€¦.then look out Australia! Itā€™s all about energy peopleā€¦my mission is to keep you OUT of hospital (except for emergencies!)

Just read an amazing book called Earthingā€¦I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wears synthetic shoes, works in offices, sleeps in a beds off the ground,Ā  lives in a high rise apartment or multi-story building, uses a computer, ipad, iphone etcā€¦.basically the whole lot of us! I have mentioned energy and electrons before. We all consume our awesome high fat, low carb (brain octane as well for me!) diet to gain energyā€¦.itā€™s all about the electrons from that food that ā€œchargesā€ us so to speak. Believe it or not, we human beings are just like batteries. We need to ā€œchargeā€ ourselves with electronsā€¦because so much of todayā€™s lifestyle has taken us away from the best source of electrons on this planetā€¦the earth. The ground. Grass, sand, dirt.

When I was a kid, mum and dad kicked me out of the house at 9am and told me not to come home until dinner. I thought nothing of it! I loved climbing trees and getting up to mischief just like every other kid. We were always OUTSIDE! Little did I know my parents were doing me a huge favour. By not watching TV (we didnā€™t have computers back in the 17th century when I was a girlJ) we were not exposing ourselves to the electron stealersā€¦blue light, EMFā€™sā€¦we were not isolated from the outside worldā€¦.wow, how far we have become detached from our beautiful planet.

Why do we humans continue to think we can outsmart mother nature? When will we see the truth? Walking barefoot on the natural earth, especially if it is moist, like wet sand or grass, is a wonderful way to receive free electrons from the most powerful source of all. Earth. Itā€™s called being grounded. And with synthetic shoes, staying indoors and sleeping up off the ground as we have learned to do in our comfortable lifestyles, we have increasingly become detached from this source of energy. At the same time, we are exposing ourselves to massive amounts of ā€œgadgetsā€ that are electron stealersā€¦.so we are all leaking electrons peopleā€¦.meaning we have a lot of excessive positive charge in our bodiesā€¦.called free radicalsā€¦that get up to no fricken good let me tell you! Free radicals cause systemic inflammation. Inflammation is considered by many now to be a leading cause of many pathological conditions.

We ā€œgroundā€ our TVā€™s inside the house so we can get a good signalā€¦why not ground ourselves? Why not collect a bunch of electrons, which are negatively charged, so that we can neutralise or cancel out all those free radicals in our body which are positively charged? Remember, opposite charges attract. How about doing it for freeā€¦find a beach, a park, go outside, take off your shoes and stand or walk around to recharge your battery. 30-40 minutes a day would be awesome! If you can do more, then even better!

I tell all my patients with cancer or debilitating diseases to do this as much as they can. Get outside and walk along the beach on the wet sand or in a park or beautiful forestā€¦and recharge themselves with electrons. Can anyone possibly tell me they do not feel better after a walk on the beach? Now you know why! Have you seen our AFL footballers who stand in the ocean after a game of footy..helps their sore musclesā€¦they are recharging themselves with electrons to counter the effects of inflammation from the game.

So, letā€™s get started. Get that high fat, low carb & brain octane into youā€¦get outside. Take your fancy running shoes off, stand on planet earth in all her glory and feel the surge of beautiful electrons go into you. Who cares what you look like, itā€™s how you FEEL remember? Get your kids outside and barefoot. A little bit of dirt wonā€™t hurt them! If you know anyone with a chronic disease or in chronic pain, get them to do it. If they canā€™t stand, they can sit in a chair with their bare feet on the ground.

The sooner we realise we need to join mother nature rather than try to outsmart her, the better off we will all be. Keep it real. Keep it simple. Love you all long time!

Kerrie (Nurse Extraordinaire)Ā ā˜ŗā˜ŗā˜ŗ

Oksana Movchan
Oksana Movchan

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