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Bulletproof from a Nurses Perspective Part 3

Hi all! Here I am giving you an update on my mission to spread the message of the benefit of a low-moderate carb, high fat diet! Firstly, did you see me on Channel 9 with the Blue Blocker glasses?  Absolutely stunning I must say…but in all honesty, I have now been using them for about 4 months. They work for me. Just an hour before bed, when you are on your iPad, phone or watching TV. I truly feel tired and wind down for sleep. And when I hit the pillow…that’s it…I’m having a date with the back of my eyelids for at least several restful hours….if I have to get up to go to the toilet, I go back to sleep easily. I put this down to the glasses. I know there may be skeptics out there but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. End of story. Give them a go. Good quality sleep is essential for Great quality life.

Now, back to my mission. My nursing students, as much as I love them….have been a challenge. They love their cokes, energy drinks, McDonald’s etc. I come in to lecture first thing in the morning (8am) and there they are….sitting before me with their energy drinks, chocolate bars, lollies to get them through the day. I lecture for 6 hours, so they have to listen (?) for 6 hours. And guess what….despite their protestations that they need this crap to stay awake and focused…..they really struggle to stay awake. Especially after lunchtime! Now, you may say it is my lecturing…..but I actually don’t think so. I get my students to get up and walk around the classroom regularly. We all know sitting is not good for you. They are free to stand and move around as much as they want. They are just sugar loaded. Empty toxic food. Brain drained.

Having said that, it has been an amazing experiment because several of my students have taken the “challenge” to get themselves on a low carb, high quality fat diet. And they are thriving! These student are awake and alert all day, asking awesome questions, coming up with awesome answers, participating in lab prac like professionals. They report better energy, more clarity and less anxiety. The others are starting to notice….it’s taken them a while. I guess you have to lead by example. And that is what we need to do for the youth of today. They won’t respect us if we just talk at them. They want to see us doing the talk. So I have started taking more of an interest in each and every one of these amazing people. It has to start somewhere. Let’s face it, we have been lied to for so long about the need for a low fat, high carb diet that it is hard to change it around overnight.

As an aside, the toxic hospital food menu continues despite growing evidence that low/mod carb and high quality fat is the most beneficial diet for healing and overall health. Like the toxic food pyramid we currently have, it often takes a very LONG time for entrenched ideas to change. Denmark has done it, so why can’t we? We are often years behind the research. This is so important yet there still seems to be this code of silence. It has to start somewhere people. So let’s starts making some noise. May the force be with us all!

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Kerrie Gleeson
Kerrie Gleeson


Kerrie is an ICU nurse and also a nurse educator based in Melbourne, Australia.