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by Macauley Jones April 23, 2015 3 min read

My name is Macauley Jones, and I have been racing anything with wheels since the age of twelve. Now at the age of twenty, I am competing in the V8 Supercar development series. I'm from a reasonably small town called Albury on the N.S.W/Victorian border, and motorsport has been passed down through my family for three generations. I also work in the family business, ‘Brad Jones Racing’, as an apprentice mechanic doing the majority of work on my race car prior to each event.

Something that isn't so much of a family tradition is enforcing appropriate nutrition, and a healthy foundation. Once I began to train regularly, I ventured out and found ways to not only maximise the benefits of my training regime, but also ways to live a healthier life. I began looking into the Paleo diet two years ago to help my training load, energy levels and general mental edge. Straight away I started to see improvement in all areas of fitness, day to day energy and my focus.

 To begin with, I was still quite skeptical of the common generalisation of fats being the enemy, and carbohydrates being the best source of energy. But after more and more research and experimenting I started to see things with a very different outlook. I was learning many new bio-hacks to better improve my performance; drinking Bulletproof® coffee, utilising breathing techniques, reducing exposure to artificial light, and even heat training to better suit racing conditions just to name a few!

Of all the bio-hacks I have experimented with, breathing techniques has been the most phenomenal for me. Race weekends are very stressful and require extremely high levels of focus and intensity, so it is essential to take some time out to assess my coherence. Becoming present in the moment allows me to be better in control of the situation, stay focused, energised, and calms my nerves.

The breathing process takes from one to thirty minutes; as much time as you need or have available. I start by finding a quiet area to sit or lay down, then close my eyes and start to slow my breathing down. Shortly after I begin a process of inhaling deep into the lower lungs and bringing it back up to open the chest and rib cage. This is a five second slow inhale and exhale, followed by two full inhales and exhales at a normal, natural pace. I repeat this process around five times. I then use HeartMath to control and steady my breathing and to get better data on exactly where my mind is at. It amazes me how just a simple controlled breathing pattern and level of self awareness can change your mental state in a short period of time.

I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, so Bulletproof® Coffee is a totally new concept for me. From the first week of trialling Bulletproof® Coffee, I noticed a significant and consistent improvement in my energy levels and not only that - my skin has become much healthier.

I am always striving to further my knowledge and health with experiments and bio-hacks. I definitely recommend experimenting with healthy options in moderation, as you may just find something that makes you feel amazing! Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing more about my journey in future posts.


Macauley Jones
Macauley Jones

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