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by Guest Author August 03, 2022 2 min read

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Cycling Team Partners with KetoneAid

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl, the world’s number one cycling team for 2021, has announced a multi-year agreement with KetoneAid who will supply it with its nutritional products.

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl cycling team

According to the media release, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl team has been using KetoneAid’s drinks for some time as part of their nutrition plan. Riders and support staff expressed their positive impression of the quality of the KetoneAid products.

"Our team has a long tradition of being on the forefront of developments in cycling technology and sports science and is very happy to reach an agreement with KetoneAid, which enables us to further integrate their products into our rider’s everyday nutrition plans." - said in the media release.

"Since we started in 2016, one of our goals was to become a sponsor of an elite cycling team. With hard work, we have reached this goal and are thrilled Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl chose KetoneAid as their partner."

- KetoneAid CEO Frank LLosa


KetoneAid KE4 vs KE1

KetoneAid KE4 and KE1

KetoneAid KE4

KetoneAid KE4 is the fastest-acting exogenous ketone supplement available. It is super concentrated with 50% Ketone Esters (30g of active ketones).

With KetoneAid KE4 you can achieve very high ketone levels without the excessive salt load (up to 6.0 mMol - depending on what your baseline is.)

Moreover, KetoneAid KE4 raises ketone levels faster, to the highest peak, and sustains them longer than any MCT Oil or Ketone Salts (see chart below).

average blood ketone rise KE4 vs MCT Oil vs Ketone Salt

KetoneAid KE1

KetoneAid KE1 is more diluted compared to KE4. It is a combination of 50% Ketone Ester (2.5g of active ketones) and 50% Ketone Salts (this is 80% less total salt versus most ketone salts).

KE1 contains 5g of ketones per bottle, while KE4 contains 30g of ketones per bottle. KE1 is a a more palatable option compared to KE4, but less concentrated. Both offer about a 1mm increase in blood ketone levels per 5 grams of ketones.

KE1 is Perfect for those who can't take the strong taste of KE4 and want a more convenient ready-to-drink bottle. Although some people get both.

KetoneAid KE4 vs KetoneAid KE1

Need help choosing the best exogenous ketone supplement? Check our guide here.

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