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In this post:

  1. KetoneAid partners with an elite cycling team.
  2. The #1 Men’s Health cover model shares his health optimization secrets.
  3. Dr Liz Frazer explains we may be grainwashed.
  4. A Low-carb approach to treating type 2 diabetes.
  5. Beneficial effects of sauna on cardiovascular health.


1. Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team Has Partnered With KetoneAid

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team

Source: Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team

Rumour has it that most endurance cycling teams use ketone esters, but they don't talk about it. Now, the world’s number 1 elite cycling team for 2021 has forged a formal partnership with KetoneAid’s drinks. Quick-step Alpha Vinyl have been using KetoneAid for some time as part of their nutrition plan, with the riders and support staff all impressed by the quality of the products.

“Our team has a long tradition of being on the forefront of developments in cycling technology and sports science and is very happy to reach an agreement with KetoneAid, which enables us to further integrate their products into our rider’s everyday nutrition plans.” The team said in a media release.

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2. Optimizing Vitality With Owen McKibben

Wade Lightheart and Owen McKibben
Wade Lightheart (on the left) and Owen McKibben (on the right)

An inspirational 30-minute podcast with Owen McKibben. Owen is the number 1 Men’s Health cover model in history having been on the cover 17 times, but he doesn’t just live to look good, he lives to feel good and help others feel good, too.

Owen gives an interview to Wade Lightheart, the co-founder of Bioptimizers, talking about health optimization, the relationship with food and how reprogramming your brain is an essential part of vitality.

Watch the interview in this YouTube video.

3. Grainwashed?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines are based on studies that compare refined grains with whole grains. Unfortunately, they ignore all the research about low-carb diets that include no grains.

Checking your blood sugar after eating so-called healthy whole grains will show you what happens with your blood glucose levels.

foods impact blood glucose

By the way, there is no carbohydrate, including any grain, that is essential for any human diet. You can't survive on zero protein or zero fat, but you can survive on zero carbohydrates.

Read the full The Canberra Times article by Dr Liz Frazer

4. Diet Changes Fighting Australia's Silent Epidemic

Australians with type 2 diabetes who switch to a "low-carbohydrate, high-protein, healthy fat" diet are putting the disease into remission.

A survey of participants in the Defeat Diabetes program has shown that:

  • 52%of respondents with type 2 diabetes achieved remission;
  • 84% of respondents were able to improve their glycaemic levels;
  • 30% of respondents with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes were able to reduce or discontinue medication;

Read the full Manning River Times article.

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5. Sauna Use Complements Cardiovascular Fitness

Physical activity is perhaps the most important lifestyle factor in the promotion of heart health because of the beneficial stress it puts on the heart.

Sauna bathing puts similar stress on the heart by increasing cardiac output in an effort to cool the body, making it a good choice for people unable to meet exercise guidelines; however, people who combine activities may experience unique benefits.

Findings demonstrate the robust beneficial effects of combined physical activity and sauna bathing on cardiovascular fitness and metabolic health.

Watch this YouTube video where cardiologist Jari Laukkanen explains the mechanism by which the sauna can improve cardiovascular health.

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