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You did it again didn't you?

You woke up feeling like you've been hit by a brick wall. Just standing up takes a herculean effort let alone walking to the bathroom. You know this feeling well and you know you'll have about as much energy today as a garden snail in a heatwave.

Was it a big night out partying? A restless night's sleep? Or perhaps your immune system is currently in an epic struggle trying to save you from coming down with something?

Either way: There's a good chance that today will be a total write off and you will get nothing done.

But it doesn't have to be like this. You can still be productive despite feeling terrible.

Christian Baker, a professional speaker and nutritional specialist, shares 5 damage control strategies on how to fix fatigue quickly and make the most out of your day.

Strategy #1: Fast for Half a Day

This sounds completely counter intuitive and feels especially so when your growling stomach is begging you for food but trust me on this, your limited supply of energy for the day must be kept for the brain and not wasted on digestion for the time being.

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But what about my appetite? It's kinda hard to focus on work when you're hungry!

I hear you, so please allow me to introduce you to...

Strategy #2: Black Coffee Only

Caffeine is one of the greatest natural appetite suppressants available.

The reason we must choose coffee and keep it black is due to the fact that caffeine from coffee is natural and tends to be longer lasting than the artificial caffeine found in energy drinks and sports supplements.

kimera coffee
Do not add milk or sugar, drink espresso or long blacks but nothing else.

Milk contains sugar and sugar, low and behold, also contains sugar and this means a blood sugar high followed by a subsequent crash which means: Low energy levels once again.

Also I do not recommend artificial sweeteners, putting my personal hatred of them aside for the moment the fact that you're still having something sweet tends to increase cravings and could potentially cut your productive period short.

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Strategy #3: Get Your Most Important Work Done First

Productivity guru Brian Tracy talks about how the most effective people in the world always start their day by completing their hardest task first. This creates momentum and helps you tick off the less important tasks with ease.

This is an important rule to live by each day but especially when in damage control as we're working with limited brainpower.

The average person completes approximately 2 hours of actual work in every 8 hour working day and even high performers such as yourself tend to max out at about 5 to 6 hours of actual work.

When operating in damage control you can expect to achieve half of this or less. So if you're the kind of person who nails 3 important items on your to do list each day, try shooting for just 1 item today and do it really well.


Strategy #4: Finish Your Day With Excellent Nutrition

Your body is already suffering from the reduced sleep quality and quantity it has received and now you've pushed it even harder to get things done today and if you keep this up it's likely you'll end up getting sick.

So, now that the working day is done you must refuel with nutrient rich foods to fill in the gaps get yourself back on track.

However, it is on these kinds of days where you tend to get more cravings and it's likely that the only veggies you'll want to eat are those found on a pizza.

bowl of vegetables
Schedule that pizza for a post workout meal on the weekend instead and for tonight, do this:

  • Eat a dinner made up of a portion of high quality protein e.g. free range chicken, grass fed beef or fresh fish.

  • Eat a portion of quality fat e.g. half an avocado, eat the fat on your grass fed steak, eat chicken thigh instead of chicken breast.

  • Eat a BIG serving of raw veggies containing a full spectrum of colours e.g. red cabbage, baby spinach, carrots, yellow capsicum, cucumbers and avocado.


Strategy #5: Pay Off Your Sleep Debt

If you get this right, you can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready.

If you screw this up, your fatigue may carry on with compounded interest for several days.

Sleep debt is a real thing and as much of a bad habit it is, weekend sleep ins are saving the health of many career men and women who sleep less than 6 hours per night during the week.

I don't want to encourage this habit however as it tends to reduce how much fun you can fit in on your weekend.

Instead, put your usual night time routine aside and get yourself into bed with a full 8 to 9 hours on the clock.

Do this once and you'll feel amazing, do this 6 to 7 nights per week and you'll feel like a whole new person.

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And that's it for today.

So next time you're running on empty from a big night out, a poor night's sleep or trying to remain productive when feeling sick be sure to put these 5 strategies into place and stay on top of your game.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to use the comment section below.

Until next time
Live with energy
Christian Baker

Guest Author
Guest Author

This article was contributed by a guest author with expert knowledge in their field.

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