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by Hong Starr October 28, 2017 5 min read

Often I get enquiries from prospective students about the Bulletproof Coach training program. They want to know if the program is for them. The short answer is, YES. However different elements of the program appeal to different people. Everyone has different goals. So give some thought to what aspect of the curriculum most appeals to you.

Join the Bulletproof Coach Certification Training on the Gold Coast, November 11, 2017

I was initially drawn by the holistic approach the Bulletproof brand represents. I had been following Bulletproof for about a year at that point and have implemented some of the recommendations and quickly found it made such a difference in my mood, attitude and life. So when I learnt of the opportunity to be trained as a certified Bulletproof Coach, I felt compelled to join unlike anything before.

The prospect of gaining Coaching credentials could lead to a more meaningful career transition, I thought to my self. I was so excited! But that’s not what drove me to do this work I realised. That was just the icing on the sugar-free Bulletproof cup cake. What really drove me to do this work was the difference it made to me and the prospect to give that to others. At the same time, I approached it with an open mind, and the possibilities this program could offer.

I signed me up for the next available intake which was February 2016. It was a daunting journey. I took the 30-hour trip from Melbourne to the Big Apple. As the aircraft took off I was feeling a sense of anticipation. “What the hell am I doing”, I thought to my self not knowing what to expect for my future. I looked out the window and thought “$#%!, Here we go!” and never looked back.

The Workshop

I had already experienced a huge shift in my life and wasn’t sure what the coaching could bring. But I was blown away by what I experienced at the two-day workshop in Brooklyn, NY. It was designed to be interactive and very practical with the intent of giving students a chance to practice using new tools and skills and engage with the fellow coaches-in-training. Giving us a strong sense of community where we’re able to bounce ideas off each other and hone our new found skills. That’s when I realised Dr Mark Atkinson was an extraordinary teacher and thought leader in the field of human potential development.

We were presented with insightful tools on how to remove mental and emotional blockages to support ourselves and others to live a more skilful, efficient, high performance life! The materials presented at this workshop continued to be broken down and cemented within the program that followed. Which is great as we get to develop even further!

Somewhere between Dr Mark’s enlightening talks and too many cups of Bulletproof coffee, I mused upon a couple of existential questions. What experiences do I want to have in this life? How do I want to grow as a person? They say that you’re either expanding or contracting, nothing stays the same; it’s the nature of impermanence a fundamental Buddhist teaching. Deep I know right?!

Among the deep altruistic thoughts that surfaced, I was moved by the notion of doing my part to drive positive change and help alleviate some of the unnecessary suffering in this world. We all love to be identified with a noble cause and I found mine. Suddenly I felt a renewed sense of purpose, and couldn’t wait to go out and pursue my new found goal.

“High performance is about being able to inhabit the present moment in a way that responds perfectly to what’s being asked of you.” Dr. Mark Atkinson

Presence is Power

A large portion of the curriculum was dedicated to developing practical coaching skills. Because at the end of the day, nobody cares about how much you know. But how you can relate to them on a personal level. Really get their problems, meet their needs, and take them to their desired outcome. A skilled coach will guide clients. Not push them forcefully (unless that’s what they want). Empower them to awaken to their own true potential. Which is already there.

Take weight-loss for instance; it’s one of the most commonly requested coaching issues for a vast majority of clients. We don’t give client’s a bunch of diet advice right away. Instead we use a compassionate approach to coaching. We may help the client uncover the roots of their weight problem by looking at their eating habits and suggest mindful eating. By practicing calm focus on the activity of eating. Without distractions and paying close attention to the food. This simple mindfulness hack often allows clients to uncover insights into their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Which enables them to take control of their own actions, creating a vastly more sustainable desired result with less effort.

This kind of work is nothing new, yet revolutionary and radically different from the conventional paradigm. Since many of us live in a highly inefficient state of mind, and are often caught up in our own stories that don’t serve us. The presence-based technique that forms the backbone of the coaching model taught in the program encourages us to break destructive habits. Tell ourselves new stories, and wake up to health and vitality that’s already within us.

What's Coffee Got to Do With It?

Most people will recognise Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof marque as synonymous with the world of biohacking. The forefront of the latest nutritional science research and various hacks to enhance life as much as possible, and not settling for feeling mediocre.

The theme of the program in my opinion, is centred around fulfilling our human potential. We examined the importance of defining personal values, understanding and finding life purpose. I think the coolest breakthrough is when I was able to get clarity on my personal vision and inspire others.

The 6 week mindfulness training led by Rod Francis paid specific attention to the contemplative technique and the neurological findings that supports it. Thanks to this I was finally able to carve out time in my day to implement a simple meditation practice. It gave me tools and skills to cut through some of the noise of my everyday life. Often that manifests as my repetitive excuses. But these tools help illuminate what’s really important to me and in turn this leads to insights and motivation to take the right actions.

Applying this thinking allows me to gain better control over my mind, body and emotions. This is how I started to move towards self-mastery and personal freedom. It is a journey that requires consistent work and effort. It’s certainly more sophisticated than an upgraded cup of coffee!

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will” Dale Partridge

Did I Transition to My Dream Career and Make a Massive Impact on Humanity?

No, not quite. But I’m happy, very happy. The program provided me with tools and techniques for my own development as well as the skills to help others unlock their potential whatever that may be for them. For me that is strength, love, ease and inner peace in my daily life.

Another great result is that I have formed new friendships. With people like me. Right now we’re building a local community of biohackers; obsessed with sharpening performance and enhancing quality of life.

The main thing I got out of the course was that when I affect other people’s happiness, I become more fulfilled as a result. This has enriched my life immensely.

I’ll continue with consistently learning and developing in this area. As it’s made such a difference to me. I can maintain a competitive edge with insights on future trends. And consequently witness wholesome changes to my own character and life and those I coach.

If you're interested in joining the Gold Coast training starting November 11th, visit the Bulletproof Training Institute website

Hong - Cert. Bulletproof Coach
Melbourne, Australia.

Hong Starr
Hong Starr

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