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by Kunal K March 03, 2024 1 min read

Layer Origin PureHMO® Prebiotic Powder and SuperHMO® 5-Strain Prebiotic Powder are the two absolute powerhouses! Both powders are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and the benefits are unparalleled.

Let's take a look distinguishes the SuperHMO® from the original PureHMO®.

Layer Origin PureHMO® vs SuperHMO®


LayerOrigin PureHMO vs SuperHMO



PureHMO® Prebiotic Powder contains one type of HMO, 2'FL, which is great for feeding Bifidobacteria, a foundational bacteria for the gut microbiome.

SuperHMO® Prebiotic Mix expands on PureHMO® (think: better immunity, brain health, mental health, sleep, blood sugar, emotion, weight, energy etc.) and continues to diversify your gut microbiome. SuperHMO® contains five HMOs including 2'FL, LNNT, LNT, 3'SL, 6'SL, which is great for feeding not only Bifidobacteria, but many other key species as well.

This formula is designed to promote the growth of over 100 strains of beneficial probiotics in the gut.

Ultimately, the SuperHMO® Powder is perfect for giving the gut an amazing boost that benefits your overall health!

Here's a visual explanation of how each of the 5 HMO strains work to impact different aspects of health:

hmo strains health benefits
Layer Origin SuperHMO prebiotic mix Layer Origin SuperHMO prebiotic mix testimonial

Find more detail about Layer Origin SuperHMO® here.

Kunal K
Kunal K

Co-Founder, OptimOZ.com.au

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