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Sole: Your daily Dose of Salt

by Carmel Elmore September 26, 2014 5 min read


You may already be familiar with the BulletproofExec’s recommendation of a teaspoon of mineral rich salt with water first thing every morning. We’ve learned there’s an even better way; the premise is that a solution is much like a tincture , where for example taking Echinacea in a tincture/solution would be much stronger than having a cup of tea with echinacea in it. The salt solution therefore, which is saturated with salt contains a higher therapeutic value than simply a glass of water with salt mixed in.


Sole (pronounced so-lay) is a medicinal salt and water solution with a 26% salt saturation. Sole is created via the continual adding of salt to water, until the water is completely saturated and the salt no longer dissolves. The term Sole comes from the Latin word “sol” which means sun.
At all times the negative ions from the water are being surrounded by the positive ions from the salt creating a totally new structure, this is due to the fact that salt has a crystalline structure not a molecular structure - for application think of the word electrolytes, sodium being one of the main electrolytes the body requires for hydration. The formation of this new structure leaves us with a positively charged solution, this new charge helps the body to assimilate nutrients more effectively,increases cellular messaging, assists detoxification via the kidneys and liver, regulates fluid balance and helps to maintain pH.


A similar reaction happens with salt lamps that are used around the home, here, the moisture is drawn towards the lamp due to the heat that is created when the light is switched on. On the surface of the lamp a chemical reaction takes place between the salt and the water resulting in a negative ion, this ion then searches the atmosphere for positive ions and removes them from the atmosphere.


As we continue to look at the health benefits of salt we realise that not all salts are created equally. Historically, salt has received negative comments for its purported contribution to disease, however here we are discussing sea salt, of high quality, harvested with traditional Celtic methods not the standard table salt that most are familiar with.  


 Table Salt
100% chemically synthesised sodium chloride. Regular table salt is approximately 97% sodium chloride and 3% excipients such as iodide, moisture absorbers and anti caking agents. It is dried at extreme temperatures and is notoriously unstable in the body, as well as being the contributing factor to many health problems. It is essential therefore for this not to be used as part of a medicinal salt solution.


The difference with macrobiotic sea salt, is that it is packed full of useful nutrients and trace minerals such as magnesium; magnesium is required by the body as a cofactor to aid in over 300 biochemical reactions such as neurotransmitter catalysation, muscle contraction and relaxation and is a cofactor and stimulator of many enzymes in energy producing pathways; to name a few.  Silver, a natural antibiotic and disinfectant, boron, essential for bone mineralisation and growth, manganese, useful in the treatment of allergies arthritis and cartilage damage. Sodium, along with many other minerals and trace minerals plays a critical role in the optimal functioning of the body.


According to Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner,  "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."


Macrobiotic Sea Salt is perfect for making your Sole solution, because not only is it rich in sodium it has many other trace minerals that are often lacking from the modern diet of today. There are several benefits of consuming a Sole solution:


  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Encouraging correct acid/alkaline balance and therefore lowering the Ph of blood
  • Reducing the risk of cardio vascular disease
  • Cleansing and supporting skin detoxification
  • Aiding the breakdown of 'stones' which can form in the body (such as kidney, bladder or gall stones for example).
I have used this salt solution in my own daily routine and in practice for many years and have also recommended it to many of my patients. The benefits that have been seen from this include;


  • Better hydration and visible improvements in texture and lustre of skin
  • Increased alkalinity with a decrease in acidity. (Salivary or urinary pH can be tested by using litmus paper obtained from your local health food store or chemist).
  • Vast improvements in digestion and elimination and a reduction in food cravings.
Sole is easy to prepare and consume;I have detailed below how to prepare your Sole and the ingredients required.


  • 1 x Glass Jar with lid (375gm jars work perfectly)
  • 250 grams Macrobiotic Sea Salt
  • Natural spring water (preferable from a glass or BPA free bottle) (Filtered tap water can also be used, however ensure that the water is free from contaminants such as flouride, chlorine etc)


Place 185 grams of salt into a glass jar, add pure spring or filtered water and close the lid.

Note: It is important to avoid using metal wherever possible when making and using sole as the metal can di-ionise the salt solution. Additiaonally refrain from using non BPA plastic to avoid the leaching of chemicals into the solution.


Dilution normally happens within eight hours, so preferably the mixture can be left to sit on the bench over night. In the morning, iIf there are salt crystals remaining, then the mixture is saturated with salt and ready for consumption. If all the salt is dissolved then more salt needs to be added and the dilution process continued. The process of infusion is important here, ensuring that we are taking a medicinal solution rather than just salt in water. The solution when made correctly:
  • Increases it’s bioavailability and improves absorption and assimilation
  • Increases production of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system
  • Increases amylase production in the salivary glands which aids carbohydrate digestion
  • Aids the absorption of essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • Increases the immune systems ability to fight foreign pathogens due to its antibacterial nature.
  • Aids in detoxification.
Note: we are not attempting to change the chemical structure of the salt, a chemical change happens when chemical bonds are broken and new bonds are formed. The dissolving of the salt in water separates the sodium and the chloride; if the water is removed then you will still have the same amount of salt. The solution is more readily absorbed in the digestive system due to the presence of sodium as a cofactor in the absorption of many nutrients.



5 - 10mls (1 tsp) daily in a small amount of warm water upon rising is a sufficient dose.

Beginners - take in moderation: For some people this salt solution can be irritating to the lining of the digestive tract and cause an expulsion of the stool. If this happens decrease the dose or dilute it further before consuming. Additionally, nausea may be felt in some rare cases. If this occurs follow the above advice or consume close to food.

The solution can be used for up to a month, by simply adding more salt and water as required. However, best practice would see you making a fresh batch each month.



Osiecki, H, The Nutrient Bible, 8th Edition, Bio Concepts Publishing.



Picture courtesy of Matt Jelfs Photography

Carmel Elmore
Carmel Elmore

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