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by Macauley Jones November 30, 2015 2 min read

As I sit in my plane seat, closing in on my destination of Vienna Austria, I'm finding myself very tired from 28hrs of travelling with very little sleep. It's time for the meal service and highly preserved foods is all that's available. I choose to pass on the supplied food and begin to get out my aero press and porlex hand grinder and start to brew my coffee. With my coffee brewed and a travel pack of bulletproof MCT oil, little pack of butter and my areo latte I start to whip it all together. I look to the seats next to me to see some puzzled faces as to say "is this kid asking for a heart attack?" I again come to the realisation that the false pretence of fat being the enemy is everywhere, especially European areas were bread and cereal is the number one choice of food.

In my last blog post on the OptimOZ website I spoke about some of the breathing techniques I use to become more focused in life. As for my diet though I have played around with it to learn more about how my body works with different foods, I'm quite susceptible to carbohydrates as they tend to make me very tired. I can make this work in my favour though by being selective of when I choose to consume higher amounts of carbs. For example on a race weekend is a time when I need to be having good solid sleep, as my mind is ticking over thinking of the weekend ahead it can be tough to actually fall asleep. This is when timing my carb intake comes in to play, as having a good source of carb before bed time helps me phenomenally. Making sure to get these from some sweet potato, berries or occasionally white rice. It all comes down to knowing what your body is telling you and to be in tune with it.

The fat revolution is slowly getting more and more awareness as there are options popping up in various places. I managed to find a low carb eatery by Andre Agassi the famous tennis player, the Melbourne football club or the Australia cricket team. There are many books and resources coming up on the subject with growing interest. I believe to get the most from your body you have to experiment also know as Biohacking. Changing the things you do in life to progress yourself. examples of this is your sleep, exercise, diet, jet lag, breathing and getting some sun light are just a few. Your body is your home so why not try make it a comfortable one?

Macauley Jones
Macauley Jones

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