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Dave Asprey's Third Appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience

Here's a summary of topics discussed by Joe Rogan and Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive on  JRE#411. The whole 2.47 minute vidcast is also here:

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20: Heart Rate Variability

22: Fixing ACLs

27: Joe goes gluten free

28: Stem cell therapies

32: Inflammation as a root cause of modern day issues - we're so hooked on shit that's not good for us!

35: The impact of gluten on your immune reaction can last for up to 6 months

36: As a kid, Dave got git by a vampire bit - this is really how he stays so young :-)

42: MSG

46.30: The history of coffee as the source of many of today's popular brands.

48: The controversial question - mycotoxins

50: grass vs grain fed beef

58: How to change the world

1.02: Random acts of kindness - pay the bridge toll for the car behind you

1.05: Functional movement specialists vs Physiotherapists and the out of date red tape

1.08: Joe talks about sucky Public school systems

1.33: Mould - chronic low level toxicity

1.36: The Bulletproof method - addressing the elephant in the room


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