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KetoneAid SnakeWater


120ml bottle. 2 x 60ml servings.

The reviews so far have been great. One Tour De France coach said his cyclists reported (vs KE4) "Gram per gram - Same overall functional threshold power output in an hour, but significantly [sic] better finish in long 10 sec-2 min sprints" but he did follow with "could have been a placebo".

Note: The name SnakeWater is a tongue-in-cheek play on the old notion of Snake Oil, which was sold based on fake and outrageous claims. The difference? Athletes are saying SnakeWater works.

SnakeWater is Ketones and Carbs, oh my!
It features a 1 to 1 ketone to carb ratio, using a low glycemic index slow carb. It also has a caffeine like ingredient and several adjuncts that supercharge the ketones.

  • This drink has 2 servings per 118ml bottle (ie double what KE1 has per bottle, same dilution, see video below for details of each ingredient).

    Delivered in a 118ml bottle. It will have 2x the amount of ketones per bottle as KE1 with the same water dilution. We do consider this 2 servings, but some may find less works, and some may prefer the entire bottle.  

  • FAQ

    Should I use KE1, KE4 or SnakeWater?
    Ke1 and ke4 have dozens of uses including sleep. Snakewater has Theacrine which is similar to caffeine. So wouldn't use that post workout and for sure not for sleep.
    SnakeWater also has carbs. So I would think (my predictions have been wrong) it would be best to burn off those carbs. Not sure, but probably, it would work for a brain boost, ie CEO or studying.
    A keto person NOT doing a workout may not want the carbs. It isnt supposed to kick you out of keto but time will tell.

    Snakewater vs. KE1

    • Carbs! 
    • Theacrine (similar to caffeine) 
    • Slightly more total electrolytes (30% more) 
    • 10 other useful nootropic adjuncts.

    Some people like to make their own sport concoctions. This is what we think an ideal formula would be, but pre-made.

  • Ingredients List
    5.5 grams of KetoneAid BioBHB (tm) Ketones. (11 grams per bottle) 3g Ketone Ester 2.5g Ketone Salt/Free Acid
    BCAA 2:1:1- Brain Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) 750mg (was 500mg) Beta Alanine (350mg) L-Taurine (200mg)
    Cordyceps 10:1 strength (100mg)
    Coq10 (20mg) highest purity liquid soluable.
    B12 (25mcg)
    Theacrine (75mg, similar to caffeine, was 25mg)
    Resveritol (25mg)
    L-Theanine (20mg)
    Isomaltulose A slow release, low glycemic index carb. (5.5g)
    L-Carnosine (15mg)
    Niacin (5mg)
    Acetyl L Carnitine (15mg)

    Additional Ingredients:
    Potassium Aspartate Potassium Sorbate for freshness
    Natural Chlorophyll for green colour Monk Fruit, Stevia No regular "fast" carbs or sugars.

  • Reviews

    Thought I would share my opinions snake water, since everyone else is doing it and it might be helpful for someone. Tests so far: 90 min bike (kickr) with hills 2hr run, mix of hills and flats (road, not trails) Both tests fasted in a well rested state. The taste of Snake Water is considerably better than KE4, but for those who have had KE4 before won't find this surprising. I got a bit jittery pretty quickly the second time I took it, like I'd had way too much coffee, but this subsided after a few minutes and then I just felt really energised and ready to go. For cycling and especially hills I think exogenous ketones of any kind are advantageous. For running, I'm still not entirely sure, I don't get the same "I could go for hours" feeling, but I know it really sparks something in my brain, so if it's only fuelling my brain I'm quite happy with that. Sometimes that's all you need The size of the bottle is a bit of an issue as half a bottle = 1 serve and I can only ever see myself taking 1 serve at a time. I'll probably just pour it into another bottle to make consumption a little easier. One last thing, don't put this stuff in the fridge, it crystallises a little bit and cakes on the bottom of the bottle. Perhaps this is because I'd already opened it and the air did something, not sure. Be interesting to see if anyone else has had the same happen to them. For some background: I'm a long distance runner and triathlete with chronic gut issues and I use exogenous ketones for fuelling in long races where food is often difficult for me to consume - A Williams.

    I felt tired waking up and had a low recovery score on my whoop (42%) so I’d normally do a very easy Zwift ride. I wanted to try the snake water so I had half a bottle 45 mins before starting a ride. I absolutely loved the mental clarity and focus. Energy felt very good, a good clean (non jittery etc) and seemingly never ending feeling of energy. I took over 2 minutes off my New York KOM reverse time with plenty in the tank. I reached the top and thought....oh we’re done already? To feel that on a day where I had such a low recovery score is impressive. I can’t wait to try to on a good day! - D Rook.

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