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Bulletproof 3 Roast Coffee Variety Pack

1x The Original Roast Coffee - 340g
1x The Mentalist Dark Roast  - 340g
1x French Kick Dark Roast - 340g

Your choice of Whole Beans or Pre-ground coffee.

Grounds are perfect for pour over or drip coffee makers.

Jump-start your day by blending BulletproofŽ Coffee, Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed, unsalted ghee to energise your mind and body for hours. You will feel the Bulletproof difference with your first cup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Annie G (Brisbane, AU)
Great Variety

It’s great coffee. Simple as that. I will buy it again!

Erika (Sydney, AU)
Great mold free coffee

Having mold free coffee has been a game changer to my health. Have really enjoyed the three pack and actually like them all, but my favourite is the French Kick. Thanks for a great product.

Warwicle (Sydney, AU)
Tastes like coffee should

I buy a lot of Bulletproof products, My family used to think I was a sucker for believing Bulletproof hype. Three of them recently commented “At last, a decent cup of coffee”, & "Ive got to get some of this what is it?” My son said after buying a new espresso machine said “Yesterday, I made the best cup of coffee I’ve had in my life”. That's a big call, I said. They are all buying Bulletproff coffee now.

Adam F
Great tasting coffee

Getting to try all 3 roasts was a good way to see which I liked best.

Gordon Niner
First time trying Bulletproof Produced Coffee

Gotta say I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised. The wife has 10+ years of working in coffee and was “shocked” and expected I’d made a rookie error in ordering quite a lot of coffee from an online order.

The way we both described this coffee experience was the same way/texture when comparing normal tap water to a nice bottle of Aqua Panna. Although brewed with the same filtered water we’ve got at home, when compared to local roasters there is certainly a difference. It was very light on the pallet. I haven’t worked my way through the French kick or Dark Roast yet but I’m pretty confident they’re going to be solid too.

Would defo recommend.