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Bulletproof 3 Roast Coffee Variety Pack

1x The Original Roast Coffee - 340g
1x The Mentalist Dark Roast  - 340g
1x French Kick Dark Roast - 340g

Your choice of Whole Beans or Pre-ground coffee.

Grounds are perfect for pour over or drip coffee makers.

Jump-start your day by blending Bulletproof® Coffee, Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed, unsalted ghee to energise your mind and body for hours. You will feel the Bulletproof difference with your first cup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Lynda (Auckland, NZ)
Always good!

Been drinking Bulletproof coffee for several years now but I like to mix it up a little with different beans. Mentalist, French Kick, and Orginal - all different but provide the same fresh quality I can rely on. Do buy local from time to time but always come back to this brand. Optimoz is the most reliable site for this product down under.

Annie G (Brisbane, AU)
Great Variety

ItÔÇÖs great coffee. Simple as that. I will buy it again!

Erika (Sydney, AU)
Great mold free coffee

Having mold free coffee has been a game changer to my health. Have really enjoyed the three pack and actually like them all, but my favourite is the French Kick. Thanks for a great product.

Warwicle (Sydney, AU)
Tastes like coffee should

I buy a lot of Bulletproof products, My family used to think I was a sucker for believing Bulletproof hype. Three of them recently commented ÔÇťAt last, a decent cup of coffeeÔÇŁ, & "Ive got to get some of this what is it?ÔÇŁ My son said after buying a new espresso machine said ÔÇťYesterday, I made the best cup of coffee IÔÇÖve had in my lifeÔÇŁ. That's a big call, I said. They are all buying Bulletproff coffee now.

Adam F
Great tasting coffee

Getting to try all 3 roasts was a good way to see which I liked best.