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  1. Akkermansia M.
  2. NMN human studies
  3. Biostacked - details of daily routines of your favourite biohackers
  4. Delay breakfast to be healthier
  5. Methylene Blue


1. Akkermansia M.

Pendulum Akkermansia

You're probably familiar with probiotics of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium varieties. Introducing Akkermansia muciniphila, the next-generation beneficial microbe at the forefront of gut health, overall health and longevity.

It has been indicated in the prevention and reversal of of metabolic disease like diabetes owing to its various properties, including producing postbiotics like short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), improving intestinal integrity, and reducing endotoxemia.

Potential health benefits of postbiotics like SCFAs include improving digestive discomfort and preventing common infectious diseases such as acute gastroenteritis. [Source]

akkermansia benefits

A. muciniphila
is particularly effective in increasing mucus thickness and increasing gut barrier function.

You can increase your Akkermansia gut population with a polyphenol rich diet - flaxseeds, bamboo shoots, grapes, black tea, fish oil, apple peel powder and red fruits. [Source] While polyphenols are poorly absorbed by the body, they are highly beneficial for the health of our gut bacteria.

Diets high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, like those found in marine sourced oils have been shown to counteract inflammation, and are associated with leaner individuals. These dietary fats can also affect the levels of A. muciniphila in your gut.

PureHMO 2’-Fucosyllactose (2’-FL) - a prebiotic human milk oligosaccharide significantly increases the abundance of the probiotic Akkermansia muciniphila. [Source]

You can also supplement with Akkermansia directly. Pendulum Akkermansia offers this beneficial probiotic in a capsule form.

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Leaky Gut - Leaky Brain

Accumulating evidence indicates the important role of A. muciniphila in brain functions via the gut-brain axis and its potential as a therapeutic target in various neuropsychiatric disorders, A. muciniphila is thought to modulate the gut-brain axis primarily by exerting its protective effects on the intestinal mucosal barrier, immune system, and metabolic system, as well as through its postbiotic metabolites, such as SCFAs and amino acid and derivatives. [Source]


2. NMN human studies: A promising new 12 week study

3. Biostacked: Details of daily routines of your favourite biohackers

Check out Biohack Stack for detailed daily routine guides from the world's leading biohacking personalities.


4. Delay breakfast to be healthier

Eating 4 to 5 hours is all it takes to meet the 14 hour minimum fasting threshold for optimal health.

Professor Tim Spector has gone on the record at Cheltenham Science Festival, saying:

“If you have a later breakfast (around 11am) that will give you some benefits. Generally we have moved towards continental eating habits, having dinner much later like people in Spain and Italy. Even those who don’t do that may end up snacking up until 9pm, making it difficult to achieve a 14-hour fasting period."

It works because the microbes in our gut have a circadian rhythm like us and need a rest period. Studies suggest a later breakfast to achieve 14 hours of fasting could help people to lose two to six kilos of weight over several months of doing it. Their microbes essentially become more efficient at burning food. [Source]

Dr Miriam Stoppard suggests this approach has the potentially to virtually eliminate Type 2 Diabetes. [Source]

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5. Methylene Blue

Dr Ted and the Troscriptions Team

Methylene Blue is one of the most powerful mitochondrial optimizers on the planet, boosting energy levels, dissolving brain fog, enhancing memory, improving focus, protecting the brain, and so much more.

Just Blue is a purity/potency tested methylene blue nootropic.

  • Increases ATP production by enhancing the function of complex IV of the mitochondria (cytochrome oxidase).
  • Acts just like oxygen and accepts an electron on the electron transport chain.
  • Stimulates glucose metabolism in conditions without oxygen thereby increasing the amount of NAD + produced by mitochondria.

With a Just Blue troche, you can feel the effects within 15-30 minutes instead of a capsule that requires you to wait up to 2 hours.


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