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Pendulum Metabolic Daily


Metabolic Daily is a live multi-strain probiotic that naturally replenishes your gut microbiome to optimize your metabolism and support a healthy weight.

  • The clinically researched & tested strains in Metabolic Daily
    Help your body do more with the food you eat
    • Metabolic Daily is a live multi-strain probiotic formulated by PhD doctors and scientists from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Berkeley, and Stanford.
    • It naturally replenishes your gut microbiome to optimize your metabolism and support a healthy weight.
    • This targeted formula also helps break down fiber and supports beneficial postbiotics and hormones, such as butyrate and GLP-1, which help maintain blood sugar levels.
    • The result? Less sugar cravings and crashes—just balanced, sustained energy throughout the day.

    What is butyrate?

    Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid produced when bacteria in the gut break down dietary fiber. It’s associated with a spectrum of health benefits including healthy blood sugar response, gut permeability, and immune function.

    What is GLP-1?

    GLP-1 is a hormone produced in the gut in response to food that triggers a host of downstream metabolic effects including reducing appetite and controlling blood sugar.

  • What’s so special about the Metabolic Daily capsule?
    Metabolic Daily is encased in a plant-based, acid-resistant, delayed release capsule, so that the strain gets through the stomach acid and to the gut microbiome where it can do its job.

    Who can take Metabolic Daily?
    The ingredients in Metabolic Daily are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), and customers who take it for general metabolic health have reported a wide variety of benefits.

    Can I take Metabolic Daily with Akkermansia and Butyricum?

    Yes, you’re just getting a greater dose of Akkermansia muciniphila and Clostridium butyricum when you combine them with Metabolic Daily (which already contains Akkermansia muciniphila and Clostridium butyricum).

    How should I store my Metabolic Daily?
    Store at room temperature. Refrigerate for optimal quality. Cold storage during transit is not necessary.

    What is the shelf life of Metabolic Daily?

    The shelf life of Metabolic Daily is 2 years from the manufacturing date printed on the bottle. 

    However, we are transitioning to putting “best by” dates on our Metabolic Daily bottles. If your bottle is printed with a best by date, that indicates the shelf life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Liz (Melbourne, AU)
Delighted with my purchases- quality at last

I am delighted I came across Optimoz. I ordered a few much needed supplements. After reading much material on Akkeramansia and listening to some good health experts, I knew I needed a product to help boost my Akkeramansia levels quickly. Quality was very important to me. I could not believe my luck, when I found Pendulum metabolic daily and Optimoz. Wow! I have already noticed the difference along with a few other supplements I purchased from Optimoz. The information on the website is fantastic, it is clear and educating. When I found Optimoz, I knew in my heart, I could purchase with confidence. I am seeing good effects in these early stages. This is one website with brands & supplements, that I believe are absolute exceptions. We are lucky to have Optimoz here in Australia. A very pleased customer who has spread the good news of this website and its supplements and excellent information. Extremely highly recommended. Try Akkeramansia, you will feel, see and notice the difference with digestion, bloating, tummy pain and food intolerance. Your gut will thank you!

Craig Martin (Cannonvale, AU)
Early days - but hopeful.

It’s early days, as I have only just started taking my probiotics.
But I’m super hopeful these are the bees knees.
No doubt with the RnD that’s gone into these strains I’m super pumped to become super pumped.
Lovin life .