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Bulletproof® Coffee Essentials Kit


Beans or Grounds:
Add Grass Fed Ghee ?

Bulletproof® Coffee Essentials Kit has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 189 reviews.

Get this conveniently packaged kit of Bulletproof Coffee essentials:

Includes 2 x 340gm Bulletproof Coffee bags- Choose whole beans or pre-ground, 1X XCT or Brain Octane oil and the option of 1X Grass-Fed Ghee.

Bulletproof Coffee consists of best-of-the-best coffee beans, selected by entrepreneur and coffee fanatic, Dave Asprey. Dave persisted until he found coffee beans grown, picked and processed to result in a coffee that always makes you feel great, delivers highest performance (alertness), harbors the lowest possible mold toxins & heavy metal load, and satisfies all your coffee-craving taste buds.

Increase focus and perform better for longer. Bulletproof Coffee gives you all the benefits of coffee while eliminating performance robbing mycotoxins that can form between the time the beans are harvested and bagged.

Ever get jitters, nausea, anxiety or headaches after drinking coffee? You don't have to. Drink Bulletproof Coffee so you can enjoy a cup without the side effects.

Note: This should last you about a month if you're drinking 1-2 cups normal strength cups per day.)

Bulletproof sources beans from an estate in Columbia for roasting in December to June and sources coffee beans from an estate in Guatemala to provide beans from June to December. 

Mycotoxin-free. Organic. Rainforest Alliance Certified. Swiss Water Processed. You'll feel the difference.

Upgraded MCT (XCT™) Oil or Brain Octane Oil (1 x 946ml  bottle included)

Derived 100% from sustainable coconut oil, medium chain triglyceride oil delivers hours of sustained energy (because Upgraded MCT Oil defies storage as body fat).  The human brain loves MCT--studies show MCT improves memory and cognition. And, you’ll watch your waist shrink as MCT oil prompts your body to burn fat as fuel.

Coffee with MCT oil & grass fed butter or ghee tastes awesome, and the two are more powerful together than apart.  Coffee transports the MCT oil into the cells faster and MCT serves as the synergist to increase absorption of coffee’s major minerals.  Grass-fed butter or ghee provides some unique, must-have fatty acids that deliver much needed health benefits including healthy hormones.

Add vanilla, cinnamon or chocolate powder for antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and essential nutrients.

*Mug pictured is for display only and does not come as part of the kit

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Optional: Add ghee. Your result is a frothy mug of morning dynamite.

You'll need grass fed ghee or butter to make Bulletproof® Coffee. We can't send you butter because it will melt, but we can send you a jar of delicious and nutritious grass-fed ghee.

Accept no substitutes. the only real Bulletproof Coffee uses mycotoxin-free coffee, MCT oil and butter (or ghee) from grass-fed cows. Don't settle for anything less.

Only want coffee or MCT (XCT) oil? Get Upgraded Coffee in 340g2.25kg bags or find bottles of MCT oil

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