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Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao with Cordyceps x10 sachets

Whether you’re training for a marathon or life, you have a new secret weapon for performance. Tastes like dessert. Feels like rocket fuel. Let’s go!

  • Premium Quality
  • Vegan
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Allergen-free
  • No fillers
  • Nature’s rocket fuel.

    Skip the sugary pre-workout drink and grab a decadent European-style hot chocolate. Cordyceps are famous among endurance athletes all around the world. And life is a true endurance event.

    Mix. Sip. Go.

    • Just add hot water. Nut milk, natural sweeteners, and cinnamon are optional additions if you want to spice it up even more. 
    • It mixes in only ½ cup of hot water. Because the last thing you need before you go is to have to go. 
    • Made with organic cacao that knocks out hot cocoa packets everywhere.

  •  How and when to use:
    • Drink espresso-style by adding one packet to 3 fluid oz. of hot water.
    • Drink it in the morning to kickstart your day.
    • Enjoy it in the afternoon for a balanced pick-me-up.
    • Drink two servings per day.



    Cordyceps are famous among endurance athletes all around the world. Studies show that it supports energy and endurance. The power comes from the fruiting body of Cordyceps militaris mushroom. In nature, it grows on caterpillars, but we love our multi-legged furry friends so we don’t use that kind. Ours are 100% vegan and cruelty free.


    Grown in the high altitudes of Dominican Republic, this unrefined cacao powder is smooth. Like, sweep-you-off-your-feet-on-a-dancefloor smooth.


    This is no refined sugar. Organic coconut palm sugar is made by boiling down the sap of the coconut palm. AKA the maple syrup of the tropics. AKA your new favorite sweetener. One serving contains just 2 grams of sugar, which, for reference, is like 1/10th of a banana.


    Our favorite form of spice, ginger has been a tonic in India and China for over 5,000 years. Aside from its great flavor, organic ground ginger powder has extensive traditional use to support digestion. No more last minute bathroom runs. 


  • What does it do?

    Supports the adrenal glands and the entire hormonal system. Provides balanced, long-term energy.

    What is it?

    This dark and spicy taste makes for a perfect after-meal or dessert drink and helps you get rid of sweet cravings.

    How many?

    10 powder packets per box

    How powerful is it?

    500 mg of dual-extracted CS-4 cordyceps mushrooms per packet.

    Can I have it?

    Vegan, gluten free, no fillers, non-GMO, low GI.

    How do I use it?

    Add one packet to 3 fluid oz. of hot water.

  • Who recommends Four Sigmatic?

    Rich Roll (Ultra-Endurance Triathlete & Bestselling Author): "The term ‘superfood’ may be prone to exaggeration but I can honestly say that Four Sigmatic adaptogens and mushroom blends have been an integral and instrumental component of my success equation. Also a crucial and easy way to stay on top of my performance nutrition when traveling!"

    Abel James:"Tero’s company [Four Sigmatic] makes some of the best mushroom coffees, cocoas, and elixirs I’ve tried."

    Emily Schromm (Crossfit Coach & Athlete):"I was encouraged to try Four Sigmatics Cordyceps because of the amount of stress I was putting my body through my schedule and through my workouts. After a week of having them every day, my girlfriend told me that it was the happiest, most calm I had ever been in years."

    Ben Greenfield: "I’ve been using Four Sigmatic products for awhile now and I’m impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. They have helped me to lower stress and improve my sports performance. The most impressive part is still the flavour, which is much better than the name “mushroom drink” initially implies. My favourites are the mushroom hot chocolates and the mushroom coffee. All very delicious. I use them. I like them. I support the mission!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Cherie J. (Sydney, AU)
Love this product

Love this product

Voula H. (Belgrave, AU)
Best Cacao I ever had,

Best Cacao I ever had, very tasty! Order it all the time!

Dean F. (Sydney, AU)
Really different taste and great

Really different taste and great option from tea and coffee

Cassie B.
Delicious product as always

Delicious product as always

Karen B.
A really nice drink.

A really nice drink.