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Bulletproof® Coffee Making Kit

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Everything you need to get started making Bulletproof® Coffee (butter not provided!) This is the same gear we use ourselves each morning. We've tested and selected the most reliable products that provide you with convenience and produce the best possible brew of Bulletproof Coffee.

This kit is handy for use both at home or while travelling - Sturdy, compact, reliable and easy to clean.

2X Bulletproof Coffee bags (340g each)

Premium coffee that is certified clean and tested for performance-robbing toxins. Enjoy Upgraded Coffee black, or mix with MCT oil and unsalted grass fed butter or ghee (butter without the lactose or casein - perfect for Paleo or Keto) to create Bulletproof® Coffee!

1X XCT Oil or Brain Octane Oil (946ml)

A healthy source of saturated fats. Upgraded Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil (XCT) is made up of Capric and Caprylic Fatty Acids giving you 6X the energy of coconut oil without any odour or flavour. XCT is and economical option and the best option as a source of energy. Brain Octane Oil consists solely of Caprylic Acid. Brain Octane is a cognitive booster that helps clear brain fog and maintain focus. It is also a substitute for XCT in people who have difficulty with tolerating it. Whichever option you choose, start slow and build up your serving size over time.

1X Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aeropress enables total immersion brewing which results in a uniform extraction and a smooth brew. Micro filtering with a metal filter gives you grit free coffee brewed in under 2 minutes! Use it at home or on the road. A coffee kit essential, the Aeropress is also BPA free.

1X Able Stainless Steel Filter Disc (standard)

Unlike a paper filter, a stainless steel filter makes better tasting coffee and also allows Cafestol and Kahweol to pass through into your brew. After a side by side comparison with competing options, the Able filter disc came up trumps for brew quality and longevity. We even bench tested the fine vs. standard versions of the filter and the standard produces the same back pressure as the fine with a much sturdier construction for day to day use.

1x Porlex Mini hand grinder

The porlex hand grinder is portable and powerful, allowing you to perfectly grind your beans at home or while on the road. There's no such thing as a quiet coffee grinder, but because it's a hand held unit, early risers can still move to a safer location to avoid waking anyone up.

Just Add Grass Fed Butter or Ghee & Blend (Or grab a Klean Kanteen and shake your way to perfect Bulletproof Coffee!)

Add a stick of your favourite grass-fed butter or ghee to your freshly brewed coffee and blend together for amazing Bulletproof Coffee. Consider adding Upgraded Vanilla or Chocolate Powder to create a Bulletproof Mocha for an enhanced experience (both flavour and antioxidants.)



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