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Bulletproof Peak Performance Bundle


1X Bulletproof KetoPrime

1X Bulletproof NeuroMaster - 30 Ct.

1X Bulletproof Forbose - 60 Ct.

SAVE $13.00 by bundling!

  • Supports energy production at the cellular level
  • Mimics the efforts of caloric restriction, helping your body create new mitochondria
  • Recycle normally wasted cellular energy back into high-performance fuel
  • Positively influence neuron growth and connectivity by Increasing the key protein, BDNF


  • KetoPrime contains ingredients shown to support healthy cells so they produce clean energy.† Forbose is a mitochondria supplement that supports energy production.† NeuroMaster supports attention, focus and neuron creation.† From the gym to the office, get everything you need to help your mind and body perform at their peak.

    More Energy From Every Cell

    Blast through brain fog, keeping your cells and brain running at peak performance with NeuroMaster™, KetoPrime™, and Forbose™. This bundle is 30 days of mental and physical power for the times you need that extra boost – nourish your mind to create and connect neurons, invest in your energy infrastructure by adding more mitochondria, and fuel them with internal and external sources of power.

    Mitochondria are the microscopic power plants embedded inside every one of your cells – turning food and oxygen into fuel for your body and brain. By triggering the creation of new mitochondria, KetoPrime helps boost the output of these power plants, giving you clean-burning energy without jittery stimulants.

    Mitochondria make energy every day and store it in re-chargeable “batteries” called ATP. The problem is, anytime you’re demanding maximum performance from your body or your brain, you can easily end up with more depleted ATP batteries than your system can handle. So instead of getting recycled, they simply go to waste – draining energy you could have used to run the extra mile, or make a good idea great. Forbose™ helps plug this persistent leak in your energy cycle – boosting your cells’ ability to recycle ATP and turning that otherwise discarded fuel into extra stamina and performance.

    Nourish and Protect the Brain

    BDNF, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, is a key protein in the brain that declines as you age – influencing where new neurons grow, and the density of brain neural networks. An ingredient in NeuroMaster has been shown in two double-placebo controlled studies to significantly increase BDNF in healthy adults. BDNF also helps your brain cells connect with one another, building new neural pathways.

    Glutamate – a neurotransmitter that can literally excite your brain cells to death if it accumulates unchecked – can leave you feeling foggy or ‘wired’ and unable to focus. KetoPrime’s primary ingredient (a compound called oxaloacetate, or OAA) helps remove excess glutamate before it can wreak havoc on your brain and make you weak.

    Power Up Ketosis

    Your mitochondria go through a process called the Krebs Cycle to generate the ATP energy your cells depend on for fuel to keep you alert (and alive). And the crucial final step in the cycle requires the OAA found in KetoPrime – a special type of ketone that must be present for your body to use the more familiar ketones you get from following a ketogenic diet, or drinking Bulletproof Coffee with Brain Octane Oil. That means having extra oxaloacetate in your cells helps you get more energy out of every ketone, and make more ATP to boost mental and physical endurance, stamina and focus.

  • KetoPrime™

    Take one lozenge per dose, placing it between gum and cheek or under the tongue. Wait 5-10 minutes, then chew and swallow. KetoPrime is best taken with food, as the methyl B12 can cause discomfort on an empty stomach.

    Amount Per Serving (1 Lozenge):

    • Vitamin C – 80mg
    • Vitamin B12 – 1mg
    • Calcium 50mg
    • Oxaloacetate – 100mg


    Other Ingredients:
    Erythritol, calcium carbonate, di-calcium phosphate, stearic acid, ascordbyl palmitate, natural falvors.


    Take one capsule in the morning with or without food.

    Amount Per Serving (1 Capsule):

    • NeuroFactor™ Whole Coffee Fruit Extract – 200mg
    • CoffeeberryÂŽ Energy Coffee Fruit Extract – 71mg


    Other Ingredients:
    Rice flour, cellulose capsule, rice concentrate, l-leucine


    Take two capsules before or after activity.

    Amount Per Serving (2 Capsules):

    • D-Ribose – 679mg
    • Coleus forskohlii root extract (Plectranthus barbatus) providing 50mg forskolin – 500mg
    • Magnesium (as Trimagnesium Citrate Anhydrous) – 30mg


    Other Ingredients:
    Modified cellulose (vegetable capsule), rice extract blend, ascorbyl palmitate.

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