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Peak Chocolate

Peak Focus Chocolate

Chocolate with Lion's Mane
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Clean, Focused Energy Boost for when it’s time to really switch on. 80% Premium Cacao with Lion's Mane and B Vitamins. Nootropics. No Dairy. No Gluten. Made in Melbourne.

Increase your mental energy from high quality dark chocolate with the performance benefits of the Peak Focus blend of natural Nootropics including Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Green Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Natural Caffeine and B Vitamins. Also available: Peak Active Chocolate and Peak Rest Chocolate

  • 4x 60g bars
  • 3 servings per pack (20g each)
  • 80mg caffeine per serve
  • 80% Dark belgian chocolate
  • Made by a master chocolatier in Melbourne, Australia.

The World’s first supplement enhanced, functional dark chocolate. Specifically designed for focused energy and mental performance from high quality dark chocolate with the performance benefits of the Peak Focus blend of natural Nootropics. 

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom - Great for short-term memory.
  • Green Tea Extract - Known to improve mental performance.
  • Ginkgo Biloba - Studies have demonstrated improved cognitive function.
  • Natural Caffeine - The same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso.
  • B Vitamins – Promotes optimal brain function.

Keep a pack at home, work and in your work bag too and you'll be ready to conquer whatever life may throw at you.

Work out how Peak works best for you. Try Peak Focus to get you through your mid-afternoon slump, as a pick-me-up or even a snack. You'll be hooked in no time.

Peak Chocolate was created by Raph and Rory, Sydney-based high performance athletes. They are committed to creating the highest quality, most nutritious and most performance enhancing chocolate-based products on the planet.


80% Dark Chocolate (Cocoa mass, cocoa butter), Sugar, Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract, Guarana (Contain Caffeine), Green Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Natural Vanilla Flavour, Vitamins (B6, B12)

No dairy or gluten.