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Luminate Light Roast (BEANS) - 340G

Vibrant notes of milk chocolate, orange, berry, and citrus. Certified clean ground coffee, tested for toxins, rainforest alliance certified, bulletproof process.

Our ground coffee is best suited for a pour over or drip coffee maker. For espressos, you would want a finer grind, so getting our whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself would be the best option

Caffeine Content
There is very little caffeine content difference between different single origin, wet processed, Arabic coffees. Roasting does not have a significant impact on the caffeine content; how coffee is prepared influences the caffeine levels. Please see below the average mg of caffeine for an 8 oz. cup (7 oz. of liquid coffee other than the espresso):

Espresso (1 oz. shot): 60 – 100 mg
Brewed: 80 – 200 mg
Decaf Brewed: 3 – 6 mg

Customer Reviews

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Susan T. (Perth, AU)
Love this coffee ! Very

Love this coffee ! Very smooth and just the right strength for me. I don’t like my coffee overly strong.