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Good Fish

Good Fish Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - KetoFood

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Rich in nutrients like Omega 3, they’re kept fresh in organic olive oil. Premium wild-caught sardines from the Portugese and Spanish coasts. A perfect keto snack as recommended by ketosis expert Dom D'Agostino. Sustainably sourced. 0 carbs, moderate protein and high fat.

Good Fish Sardines are caught at night in Summer, when they’re at their most abundant and their best, by small boats with artisan nets, and are prepared as the sun rises the next morning. If a dolphin makes its way into the catch, the whole lot is released back into the ocean – no question!

  • More calcium and phosphorous than milk
  • More iron than spinach
  • More potassium than coconut water and bananas
  • As much protein as a steak
  • A great source of Omega 3s: Around 300mp EPA and 650DHA per can.
  • A source of some Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and selenium.
  • Contains some CoQ10
  • Tins are BPA-free


Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews

I don't really like sardines but know how good they are for you. With all the positive comments for this product I thought I would give it a go. Its been such a great snack, I make "sardine pate". Its a bit pricey but seems to be worth it.

Mel D. (Sydney, AU)
Love these so much! Taste

Love these so much! Taste fantastic, cheaper than elsewhere, and in high quality oil.

Izzy (Brisbane, AU)
Delish and convenient. Love the

Delish and convenient. Love the salmon too.

Tran D. (Melbourne, AU)
Great quality product, sardines are

Great quality product, sardines are not too strong in flavour!

Camille S. (Gosnells, AU)
Best sardines in the game.

Best sardines in the game. High quality olive oil. Ordering in bulk is so ideal, I always have about 20 Tins on hand for easy lunch (some avo, sauerkraut, a tin of sardines or mackerel— perfect!)