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Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit - Brain Octane™ Edition

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This Bulletproof Coffee Kit contains Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, Grass-Fed Ghee and your choice of Bulletproof Original Whole Bean or Ground Coffee with an optional jar of grass-fed ghee.

Everything you need to make Bulletproof Coffee
1 bottle of Brain Octane oil (414ml)

Original Whole Bean or Ground Coffee (340g)

Optional: 1 jar of Grass-Fed Ghee (300ml)

Blend 300ml of Original Coffee, 1-2 tsp of Ghee, and 1 tsp-2 Tbsp of Brain Octane oil. 

Tim Ferris: Kudos to Dave Asprey for taking it mainstream. It’s now ubiquitous, and that’s no small feat. Many of the top performers I know drink Bulletproof Coffee.

Abel James: I’ve been putting heavy cream in my coffee (along with other fun fats, including but not limited to clotted cream, coconut oil and nut butters for many years. But last year I was inspired by my buddy Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee to throw butter and MCT oil in there, as well.

Customer Reviews

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Bianca (Melbourne, AU)
Great service great product

Quick and efficient
Great company

Benjamin Hutt (Melbourne, AU)
Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit - Brain Octane™ Edition

This is easily the best coffee that I have used, smooth flavour, no ill feelings, no jitters, long lasting energy.

Emma H (Sydney, AU)

Coffee tastes amazing! Great little starter pack!

Lisa S. (Sydney, AU)
Longer Buzz

Although the taste of filtered coffee takes getting used to I definitely felt an energised caffeine buzz that lasted longer than the usual cappuccino I became accustomed to.

John Clarke (Brisbane, AU)

Lovly products. Lovly tasting coffee.