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Bulletproof Coffee Grounds 4 Roast Variety Pack

Breakfast Blend (Light Roast): Vibrant notes of milk chocolate, orange, berry and citrus.

The Original (Medium Roast): Cinnamon, orange, nectarine, and chocolate opening into a cup that presents distinct notes of sweet plum and gentle orange.

The Mentalist™ (Medium-Dark Roast): Dark cocoa and vanilla aromatics open up to a rich, full-bodied coffee with cherry sweetness and notes of almond and caramel.

French Kick® (Dark Roast): Smooth and sweet with pleasant chocolate notes, finishes clean, has a medium body.

These ground coffees are best suited for a Pour-Over or Drip brewing method. We recommend buying whole bean and grinding it yourself to get the coarser grind needed for a French Press.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Thinh H. (Sydney, AU)
Great bulletproof products range. :+1:

Great bulletproof products range. :+1:

Andjelko U.
Great variety of roasts to

Great variety of roasts to suit your pallet at the time and/or the way you intend to make your coffee.
I prefer the darker roasts with my full fat and the lighter roasts straight up.
The only thing that i would do is add a decaf for a late coffee and make it a 5 pack :+1:

Nathan R. (Sydney, AU)
Nothing like this fresh organic

Nothing like this fresh organic coffee! Clean and smooth :ok_hand:

Marion S. (Perth, AU)
Laminate to mild for me.

Laminate to mild for me.
Love The Mentalist and Original.
French kick, yet to sample.

Lana P. (Sydney, AU)
it's great but i prefer

it's great but i prefer the original and the french to the others.