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Grass-Fed Ghee Butter, Keto 6 Pack

Fresh and Local Australian Grass-Fed Ghee. Made Weekly.

Primal Collective™ Ghee, also know as clarified butter, is made from fresh, unsalted & uniquely cultured butter that is sourced from 100% Australian cream from Country Valley Dairy in Picton, NSW.  Normally $18 / jar. Save 16% with a box of 6 jars. With a high smoke point, it's the perfect cooking fat. Also great in place of butter in your Bulletproof coffee. Ghee does not require refrigeration because the milk proteins have been removed, making it lactose free. If you're going to use a jar for more than 3 weeks, then it's best to store in the fridge. A ghee like no other! Enjoy the unique caramelised flavour.

Grass-Fed, Keto, Pasture Raised, Lactose Free, Casein-Free, Gluten-Free.

Manufacturer: Primal Collective Pty Ltd.
Primal Collective™ is a Sydney based business that aims to cause a shift in modern dietary habits using the wisdom of our ancestral and traditional lifestyles. All ingredients in our product range are carefully selected to ensure they are of ethical and sustainable origin. See more Primal Collective foods and supplements. Primal Collective™ offers a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on all their products.

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