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Bulletproof™ MCT Oil 3 Pack

Save 10% with a Bulletproof MCT Oil 3 pack!

Sourced only from coconuts, Bulletproof MCT Oil contains two of the most ketogenic MCTs in coconut oil: C8 and C10. This flavourless, keto-friendly fuel is designed to power your day, curb cravings and keep you sharp. Add it to smoothies, salad dressings and more. Formerly XCT Oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Aakash Kunwar (Canberra, AU)
It works.

I was suffering from sebhorric dermatitis and through multiple research, i found out this mct oil might help. I applied bit on scalp and poof no scalpy flakes after a week. I was consuming it as well to help my gut and boom it worked. Afters years of dandruff now i can live happily with not much of flakes on scalp and skin feels great.
Moreover i usede it on my espresso and yeh it works.

Brian Metcalfe (Sydney, AU)
Terrific Product

Has allowed me to extend my fasting periods as far as 20/4.
Good texture in cold brew coffee.
Thumbs up


Always a great quality product👍🏻

Tanya Partington (Perth, AU)
Fuelling my Tea

Since I have been adding MCT oil in my morning tea I have found that I can power through the day and not looking for the snacks before lunch.
Love that it is delivered within a few days of ordering.

Lael (Sydney, AU)
Really does raise ketones and enhances my brain health

I test ketones before and after taking Bulletproof MCT and find that my ketones are consistently raised to optimal level after ingesting. I've also noted increased mental clarity and improved memory. According to studies both C8 and C10 are utilized as energy in the brain.