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Bulletproof Coffee for Crossfit - The pre WOD energy boost


Here's a breakdown of Bulletproof Coffee:


The Upgraded Coffee Difference

Coffee is one of the most contaminated crops in the world.

What separates Upgraded Coffee beans from all others is the 'Bulletproof' quality assurance process from farm to bag.

In order to always provide the freshest coffee beans, Bulletproof sources beans from an estate in Columbia for roasting in December to June and sources coffee beans from an estate in Guatemala to provide beans from June to December. The production process starts with picking only the best cherries. This is followed by swiss-water processing which means the coffee beans are not left out in the open to dry and ferment or mixed with our batches of other beans - both potential sources of contamination.

Upgraded Coffee beans are available as a medium roast (dark roasting is used to hide acidity associated with low quality beans)


Medium Chain Triglycerides provide you with a source of fuel that your body can use right away without needing to be processed by the liver.

Capric & Caprylic fatty acids from coconut and palm oil give you 6x the energy of coconut oil.


Unsalted Butter (from grass-fed cows)


Only butter from grass-fed cows contain beta-carotene (look for a rich yellow rather than a pale block). Benefits include:

Higher in Omega 3's, CLA, beta-carotene, Vitamin A, K, D, E, antioxidants and CLA.

Just 14g of grass-fed butter has 500IU of Vit A and more carotenes than carrots


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