Kimera Koffee Focus Blend - 340g -

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Kimera Koffee

Kimera Koffee Focus Blend - 340g

Kimera Koffee: Focus

The newest addition to the family of brain vitamin infused coffees. A simple and pure combination of coffee and L-theanine.

L-theanine in combination with a medium roast coffee is considered to be the gateway into the world of nootropics. Coffee by itself offers stimulation and alertness, but it can also leave me feeling jittery and anxious. To mitigate this, we've added L-theanine, a relaxant and alpha brain wave activator. If your goal is to increase focus, then this is combination could be a great addition to your routine. It delivers the optimal caffeine: theanine ratio of 1:2


More Kimera Koffee options:

With Brain Vitamins:

Original Medium Roast 340g or 2.27kg

Original Dark Roast 340g

Pure Coffee:

Limited Edition Peaberry: Clean taste, with a noticeable sweetness, honey and floral yet bold flavour, smooth and rich.

Amber Roast: Smooth and balanced sweetness, hints of fruit jam, moderate chocolate, caramel, delicate notes of flower.